Uniswap adjusts token system after US SEC prepares to tighten crypto

Uniswap has announced that it will limit access to over 100 tokens, including synthetic assets, and gold tether, as the US SEC prepares to enact new crypto asset security laws. by focusing on stricter, safer and more transparent

According to the defirate report, Uniswap (a decentralized crypto exchange project platform running on the Ethereum Blockchain) has announced that its access to tokens has been restricted. A number of them were removed from the platform’s interface, including Synthetic asset, Gold Tether, arguing that it was in preparation for regulatory developments to support future US SEC regulatory measures. in that announcement Various tokens have been listed. All affected tokens are posted to github.com, with all of those tokens listed under the heading of github.com. “Unsupported Tokens” There are over 100 tokens, including synthetic asset tokens from popular protocols like Synthetix, Mirror Protocol, and UMA. Insurance tokens like Opyn or Gold Tether (XAUT), for example.

However, after Uniswap was announced this time out. As a result, the user community expressed their dissatisfaction with Uniswap’s decision, as many Uniswap users trust the platform’s decentralized system and see that the decision does not explore consent. from users In particular, Uniswap made the decision to bypass the platform’s Governance system.

However, the reason for this decision, Uniswap did not go into details. by simply claiming that it is “Regulatory Developments” only, nevertheless The real reason may be related to the SEC’s announcement of a new crypto-asset security legislation, with Binance ending its stock offering shortly before. The token could be a response to pressure from regulators, so it’s possible that Uniswap’s decision will be a decision to avoid future problems caused by stricter securities laws. even more


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