United Arab Emirates: Here are the categories of foreigners who can now easily access citizenship

The United Arab Emirates announced legislative amendments allowing the naturalization of certain categories of foreigners. This revision provisions of the Federal Law on Nationality aim to attract more skills and talents and provide for the granting of nationality to foreign executives, artists and researchers, under certain conditions. Who can claim Emirati nationality? What are the advantages ? What are the conditions to be fulfilled? The answers.

The United Arab Emirates have set news for the granting of Emirati citizenship for certain categories of foreigners so that they contribute to the “development and prosperity of the country”. The announcement was made yesterday, Saturday, January 30 at the end of the Council of Ministers of this Gulf State.

These amendments aim to attract more skills and talents and provide for the granting of nationality to foreign executives, artists and researchers, under certain conditions. The target categories are investors, skilled trades, such as doctors and researchers, engineers, inventors, intellectuals, writers, artists and the gifted.

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Many advantages

This measure will also benefit family members of newly naturalized people who, in addition, will be able to keep their old nationality. Among the advantages of obtaining Emirati citizenship, the possibility of creating and owning companies or land or real estate as well as other advantages that may be granted by local authorities. Thus, citizenship will be granted according to well-defined criteria for each professional category.

The criteria defined for each professional category

For investors claiming to obtain Emirati nationality, they must have real estate in the United Arab Emirates, while doctors and other specialists must be specialized in a requested scientific field of interest to the State, have participated in studies and research of high scientific value, have at least ten years of experience and be part of an organization recognized in their field of competence.

As for researchers and talented, it is also required ten years of experience, have worked in research in a university, a research center or in the private sector, have contributions in the scientific field. such as winning a prestigious award or having obtained a major grant in the past ten years, or being recommended by a scientific institution recognized by the State of the Emirates.

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For inventors, they must hold at least one invention patent recognized by the Ministry of the Economy and representing added value for the state economy and submit a recommendation from the Ministry of the Economy.

In the category of intellectuals, talents and artists, the new provisions stipulate that they must be leaders in priority areas for the UAE state, such as culture and the arts and have obtained at least one world award, as well as a recommendation from the government parties concerned.

It should be noted that the choice of persons eligible for Emirati citizenship will be entrusted to the services of the federal government, to local governments and to executive councils.

Applicants for Emirati nationality are required to take an oath of loyalty to the country, to undertake to respect the regulations and to declare to the authorities any nationalities which they hold or which they renounce.

In 2019, the United Arab Emirates granted long-term residence permits (up to 10 years) for specialists and people with great know-how. Note that foreigners constitute around 90% of the approximately 10 million inhabitants of the United Arab Emirates.

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