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a deputy british conservative, David amess, died on Friday after being stabbed “multiple times” during an event in his constituency in south-east England, shocking a country still marked by the 2016 murder of Labor MP Jo Cox.

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Essex County Police did not mention Amess’s name, but confirmed that “a man was arrested on a murder suspect after a man was stabbed in Leigh-on-Sea“.

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This “later died,” he said. The British media identified the victim, stabbed “multiple times”, as a 69-year-old politician, a member of Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s party, who was receiving his constituents at a church in his constituency in Leigh-on-Sea.

David Amess is a good guy. I have known and had dealings with him in the past

At the moment, the attacker’s motive is unknown. Paul Gardiner, a 41-year-old barber, whose establishment is about 250 meters from the scene of the attack, explained the police deployment to AFP. “There are a couple of helicopters flying over the place and there was an ambulance,” he said.

“I was driving to work and parked around 12:30 pm (local time), there were a lot of police cars driving there,” he added. Another witness, Ashley Curtis, a 49-year-old man who lives 200 meters from the church, said that two hours later the road was still blocked with police cars and an ambulance. “No one could think that something like this would happen around here,” he told the AFP.

David amess he’s a nice guy. I have known him and have dealt with him in the past, “he explained, considering that the attacker had to” hold a lot of resentment to enter the Methodist church while he was receiving people and doing that to him. “

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Alarming news

The political reactions did not wait, in a country marked by the murder in the middle of the street in 2016 of the Europhile deputy Jo Cox, a week before the ‘Brexit’ referendum, at the hands of a neo-Nazi sympathizer.

“Horrible and deeply shocking news,” Labor opposition leader Keir Starmer tweeted. For his part, former British Conservative Prime Minister David Cameron lamented this “alarming and worrying news.” Johnson, his party and his government have not reacted yet.

“The Jo Cox Foundation is horrified to hear the news of the attack on Sir David Amess. We think of him, his family and his loved ones in this distressing time,” tweeted the institution created in memory of the Labor MP who was murdered at the 41 years.

The attack on Cox, a staunch defender of British membership of the European Union and the cause of refugees, shocked the United Kingdom, in a context of strong tension over the campaign for that consultation that divided the country.

She was the first female MP to be assassinated in the country and the first MP to be assassinated since Ian Gow, a victim of the IRA in 1990. In 2010, Labor MP Stephen Timms was stabbed by a woman after voting for British intervention in the War of Iraq.

And ten years earlier, Liberal Democrat MP’s aide Nigel Jones was killed during a saber attack at a meeting with local voters aimed at the legislator.


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