United Kingdom rectifies and validates the euroorder against Ponsatí

The United Kingdom has validated the Euroorder issued against former Minister Clara Ponsatí. This has been made known to the British police authorities to the Spanish in a statement in which, also – as the REASON has been able to know – they apologize for the "misunderstandings". From now on, once the validity of the OEDE is certified with respect to the legislation of the United Kingdom, The Euroorder will be sent to the Scottish Police to study it and take appropriate action.

And it's just 48 hours after the British authorities sowed doubts about the Euroorder, which they came to call "disproportionate", with subsequent rectification, Llarena sent additional information to the United Kingdom yesterday to support the facts for which the availability of the Spanish Justice of the former Minister of Carles Puigdemont is claimed. In that complementary documentation, the magistrate recalls that Ponsatí – to which he claims for a crime of sedition – transferred in his capacity as head of Education the teaching centers for «which were used as electoral colleges» on October 1, 2017. And He did so, he emphasizes, "despite knowing the illegality and nullity" of the 1-O sovereignist referendum, "which finally led, as expected, in violent acts", and with the aim of "getting the order altered legal and constitutional valid ».

Llarena frames Ponsatí's action in the "plan followed by the Autonomous Government of Catalonia and by members of its Autonomous Parliament to force and gain independence" from Catalonia. As a member of the Catalan Executive, he recalls, he signed the decree calling the consultation despite knowing the resolutions of the Constitutional Court, up to four, "which had declared the process void."

As for the transfer of the schools, the magistrate emphasizes that Ponsatí knew on September 29, 2017 that the TC had suspended the decree of convocation and that the Superior Court of Justice of Catalonia had ordered the Security Forces “that proceed to close the voting centers and prevent »1-O.

And he also did it, he adds, just one day after the dome of the Mossos, with Major Josep Lluís Trapero at the head, warned Puigdemont in the Palau de la Generalitat that “if the referendum was held it was expected and probable an escalation of violence with major outbreaks of clashes on October 1, as indeed happened. ”


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