United States – Donald’s first name is more unpopular than ever


In 2020, only 444 children were so named in the country, or 610th on the list, the worst ranking in history.

Donald’s are becoming increasingly rare in the United States. Because of Trump?


There are first names that go out of style on their own, others because of personalities who wear it. The fall in the US Social Security Administration’s ranking of “Donald” appears to be tied to Trump. This first name was indeed very popular in 1934, where it was 6th in the ranking with 30,408 boys so named that year (and even 110 girls), according to the HuffPost. A popularity still alive in 1947, the year of birth of the future President of the United States, since he was 13th in the ranking with more than 26,000 babies, including the son Trump, so named.

However, it was not necessary to wait for the billionaire to launch into the presidential race for the name to go out of fashion. In 2000, he had fallen to 217th place in the rankings, with only 444 newborn babies named Donald. Then he lost places almost every year. Still, in 2017, when Trump took office, there was a slight jump, with the first name gaining 4 places, going from the 489th to the 485th. But it quickly plunged back to 524th place in 208, 555th in 2019 and, a historic record since the creation of the list in 1880, 610th in 2020!

2017: Melania year

Last year, 444 American babies received this first name, or 0.024% of boys born in 2020. It must be admitted that Republican presidents often have a little outdated first names, such as Ronald, George or Richard. While Democrats fare better with William (nicknamed Bill) Clinton and Biden, since if Joe is poorly ranked in 2020 (733rd), his real first name, Joseph is 26th. Exception for Barack Obama, whose exotic first name prevents him from entering the 1000 most popular.

Note also that Melania only appeared once in the list, in 2017 (933rd), when Melania Trump entered the White House. That of Jill (Biden), appears there only once, in 2000 (988th), but will perhaps be there again in 2021. Suspense.

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