United States – Facebook invites its employees to virtual fitness


Mark Zuckerberg’s firm will reimburse employees who have purchased their Oculus headphones used in particular to maintain fitness.

The boss of the social platform has put the package on this sector of activity.


We are never as well served as by ourselves. Facebook had to take this adage to its own by now allowing its some 60,000 employees to include in their expense report the acquisition of an Oculus Quest 2, the latest evolution of its wireless virtual reality headset.

Employees will undoubtedly be the best ambassadors of the device. But the firm of Mark Zuckerberg advances for them first the argument of health, according to a journalist of TheInformation. The reimbursement program is promoted to employees as one of the health and wellness benefits offered by the company. It builds on the success of apps specializing in physical activities like Supernatural, FitXR and even rhythm games that have convinced many followers during periods of confinement.

The Oculus Quest 2 is sold from 300 dollars in the United States (400 fr. In Switzerland). Facebook will be able to get an idea of ​​the potential of the device within the company, while the 10,000 or so employees presumed to be active in the development of virtual reality are certainly already equipped with it.

During the presentation of the results of the past quarter, Mark Zuckerberg welcomed “good” sales of the Oculus Quest 2, without revealing any figures. He noted a renewed interest in this device due to the absence of cables. Facebook must also still officially release Horizon, the immersive version of its social network which has fallen behind the initial plans.

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