United States: In the midst of a pandemic, they invite 10,000 guests to their wedding

Hosting a wedding has been banned by authorities in New York State due to violations of coronavirus control measures.

It was an Orthodox Jewish wedding, according to local press (photo illustration).


Authorities have banned holding a wedding in New York State. They made the decision after learning that it could have gathered more than 10,000 guests, in violation of measures to fight the coronavirus, Governor Andrew Cuomo announced on Saturday.

The Rockland County Sheriff’s Office has informed authorities of the huge wedding scheduled for Monday in Williamsburg, in a part of the county where the coronavirus outbreak is not circulating.

“We were told it was going to take place. We investigated and found that may be true. There was a big wedding planned that would have violated the rules on gatherings, ”Andrew Cuomo explained at a press conference.

According to Elizabeth Garvey, an advisor to Mr. Cuomo, “more than 10,000 people are planning to attend” the ceremony. “Listen, you can get married, but you can’t invite a thousand people to your wedding. You get the same results at the end of the day. And it’s cheaper too! ”Joked the governor.

Orthodox Jewish wedding

According to local press, it was an Orthodox Jewish wedding, a community that recently protested in New York against localized restrictions put in place to fight a new wave of the coronavirus.

Coronavirus cases are on the rise again in New York and its suburbs, especially in neighborhoods where Orthodox Jews are plentiful, and some of them accuse authorities of stigma.

Andrew Cuomo last week ordered non-essential businesses shut down until the end of the month and limited attendance at places of worship in those neighborhoods to 10 people. Schools have also closed.

The governor said on Saturday that these measures were already yielding results. New York was the epicenter of the pandemic in the United States in the spring with more than 23,800 dead in the city, before succeeding in controlling the situation at the cost of severe restrictions.


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