United States – Infested with lice, her daughter is close to death: “I hadn’t noticed anything”

The tiny insects had been feeding on the blood of a 4-year-old girl for so long that she almost died there. Her mother was arrested.

An American resident in Scottsburg (Indiana) was arrested last Tuesday for mistreating her 4-year-old child. Police were alerted on April 20, the day Shyanne Singh’s daughter was hospitalized with a severe lice infestation. According to doctors cited in a report, the bugs had been feeding on the baby’s blood for so long that she was close to death. The child was so weak that she could no longer walk, reports ABC 7.

A social services official also explained to the police that the girl’s hemoglobin level was 1.7 when it should have been 12. The hospital staff had never seen such a rate. low, and the patient had to undergo four blood transfusions. The little girl’s 6-year-old older sister also had lice. Both had been placed with their maternal grandparents in April.

Grandma had tried everything to eradicate lice, until a pharmacist urged her to take her granddaughters to the hospital. Confronted by her mother as to the dramatic state of health of the girls, Shyanne Singh replied that she “had not noticed, and that she had just been a little west”, we can read in court documents. The mother first appeared before the judge during a preliminary hearing on Friday.


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