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The world is increasingly digitized. With the arrival of the coronavirus and the desire to avoid contagion, teleworking became one of the alternatives, in most cases, more effective to contribute to the improvement of the health situation.

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But this type of employment was thought from before. In November 2018, the Tulsa Remote initiative was launched, paying $ 10,000 to employed professionals from various industries to settle in Tulsa, a city located in the state of Oklahoma, in the United States.

Who is the program aimed at?

Tulsa Remote is for people who are already employed and have the flexibility to carry out their activities from anywhere, as the program does not offer work nor is it responsible for looking for it. They can move to Tulsa individually or, if you want, as a family.

Which are the requirements?

According to the Argentine newspaper The nation, the government requires applicants to have full-time remote employment, be over 18 years of age, have a work visa, and move to Tulsa in 2021. The program is not responsible for and cannot intervene in obtaining or approving the visa.

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On the other hand, the program does not allow people residing in the state to participate, as it is aimed at those who live abroad at the time of applying.

What are the benefits?

In addition to paying $ 10,000 to help with the expenses of moving to Tulsa, remote workers have a space in the city center called 36 Degrees North, where they can carry out work activities and collaborate with other remote employees.

In fact, Tulsa Remote has “community development programs, events and meetings” for workers to network with organizations in the city.

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The initiative also offers the facility for moving, as it has a selection of homes. Residence is not limited, since those selected for the program could live in any sector of the city and, if they wish, rent or buy a home.

What can you expect when living in Tulsa?

According to the program, the city has cultural, sports and recreational spaces that allow constant planning. You can find places such as urban parks and green spaces, gardens, bars and theaters.



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