United States: Twitter repudiation of stepmother who asked to delete photo of her stepson in Florida – USA and Canada – International

The American Natalie Arriete caused a stir on social networks after she asked for help in a Facebook group to remove her stepson from a photograph. This also featured her, her husband, and their biological children.

Can someone help me by deleting the child from the center? I am willing to pay 10 dollars (around 40 thousand Colombian pesos) and I have permission from the photographer, ”Arriete wrote in a group specialized in photographic retouching.

Later, the conversation in which the woman, who resides in Florida, I asked the photographer of the original image if he could share the photograph in a group to remove the child from the family portrait. (You may be interested in: I repudiate ‘influencer’ for ‘joke’ that discriminates against homosexuals).

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In the messages, the photographer assured that he had no problem and Arriete said that he only wanted a photo with his children and that in the session they did not take any image without his stepson.

Netizens were quick to express their outrage at the woman’s request, who achieved his goal, since he shared the edited image on his Facebook profile.

The controversy became even greater when the user of Twitter @WadeCrosss trilled about the situation. (Too: Woman attended mass and left her baby under a bench).

“I have a lump in my throat after seeing this. I miss my baby a lot even though it has nothing to do with the situation. This child (the one in the photo) could live with me and appear in each photograph ”, he published along with the images of family and Arriete’s conversation with the photographer.

The rejection comments were immediate and several users shared their position on the matter.

“When you marry someone you marry their whole family, especially their children. My heart is broken. I don’t even know the kid, but I already love him, ”@sassynursea trilled

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Equally, Twitter users called the woman ‘pathetic’, ‘monster’, ‘cruel’ and ‘heartless’.

Additionally, many of them shared their editions of the portrait. In some they eliminated Arriete from the image, in others they modified the faces of both parents and even put a crown on the child’s head that was erased from the original photo.

(If you visit us from the app see the publication here).

(If you visit us from the app see the publication here).

(If you visit us from the app see the publication here).



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