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Universal income, union of the left … Benoît Hamon plays his little music again


Benoît Hamon is a Canada Dry retiree. “” I have withdrawn from active politics. I just defend a few ideas that are dear to me. And that’s it, “confided to us a few days ago the unsuccessful presidential candidate of 2017, where he had won only 6.3% of the vote.

And yet! In recent weeks, the founder of Generation-s, who has slammed the door of the PS, multiplies the appearances. Evidenced by his Facebook Live organized Friday evening by his friends from Brest, his home port. Subject: universal income. One of the hits of his presidential campaign. A theme that remains dear to him, even if he quickly confesses that having advanced during the campaign that universal income would not be the same for all according to income “has created great confusion in the minds of the French”.

Still convinced by universal income

Black polo shirt, trimmed beard and big glasses, the ex-candidate live from home looks rested. For this Facebook live, it is followed by some three hundred people, to which must be added those distributed on other social networks (Twich, YouTube, Twitter). Still as convinced by the universal income, Hamon details the “stages” and targets young people as a priority. With occasional digressions: “There will be no ecological transition if the movement is not accompanied by the emancipation of people,” he says. At least his followers, like the others, can make sure that Hamon is still Hamon, obstinate in wanting to open up new political perspectives.

The municipal elections for which Generation-s was able to present several candidates gave the former rebellious minister of François Hollande the opportunity to be seen and heard. Before Brest, where he went to support one of his brothers candidate with Générations-s on an ecological list (Editor’s note: another brother hired on the PS list), Hamon had moved to Trappes (Yvelines) his former stronghold, to support Ali Rabeh, facing the outgoing mayor. An “electoral” Tour de France which took him from Cherbourg in the Cotentin to Nouzonville in the Ardennes.

In April, the “retiree from politics” published a Tribune in the daily Le Monde, to redo the praise of his project. “The implementation of a universal income and the promotion of social ecology are the two most adequate responses to overcome the crisis due to Covid-19 and ensure the succession of France,” he argued.

The union of the left in the crosshairs

And then, Hamon remains regional councilor of Ile-de-France. He sits, with Julien Bayou, head of EELV, within Alternative Ecologique et Sociale, a group which has gone on the offensive against the right-wing president Valérie Pécresse and her management of the health crisis. A sort of “political break-in” to prepare for the regional elections of 2021.

“Benoît is active,” says the green leader. In particular within the Standing Committee where the most important subjects for the region are debated. We want to make Ile-de-France a bio-region. And our group which includes environmentalists, members of Generation-s, a rebellious and personalities from civil society, is an almost unique translation in France of an ecological and social alternative. “

An alternative that smells of the union of the left… On this ground, too, Benoît Hamon, is far from absent. “Everything that contributes to recreating a great emancipatory narrative and bringing the left and political ecology is going in the right direction,” he said, while two initiatives have just been launched, a Tribune of 160 personalities on the left and the project of a “Summer University”, common on the left.



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