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Gaza City മില്ല There is no cure for Israeli aggression in Gaza. On Tuesday, Israeli airstrikes destroyed the 6-storey building of the Islamic University. No crowds. No casualties were reported in Gaza on Tuesday for the first time since the conflict began on the 10th of this month.

Israel, meanwhile, said two people had been killed and 10 wounded in rocket attacks from Hamas-controlled areas.

In Gaza, ceasefire efforts have stalled. The clashes turned into communal riots as street clashes between Jews and Palestinians erupted. Vehicles and buildings smashed into each other.

The Gaza Ministry of Health says 213 Palestinians have been killed in Israeli airstrikes since the conflict began on October 10. 1440 people were injured. Israel, meanwhile, said it had targeted 65 Hamas bases and used 60 warplanes. It also claimed to have destroyed 90 percent of the rockets fired from Gaza.

Rocket attacks by Hamas have killed at least 10 Israeli civilians, including a 5 – year – old boy.

Meanwhile, Palestinians in Israel, East Jerusalem and the West Bank went on strike in solidarity with the Palestinians in Gaza.

Amnesty says violence against humanity

The United Nations says 52,000 Palestinians have been displaced by Israeli airstrikes on Geneva and Gaza. About 47,000 people live in UN-run refugee camps. 132 buildings were completely destroyed and 316 were partially destroyed. This includes 6 hospitals and 9 primary health centers. Amnesty International says Israel’s attacks on populated buildings should be seen as war crimes or violence against humanity.

English Summary: More than 52,000 Palestinians displaced in Gaza


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