University: Diego Chávez shows his luxurious AUDI after renewing with cream squad Liga 1 Movistar Copa Libertadores Ángel Comizzo

Until a week ago, the future of Diego Chavez it was anyone’s guess. The right-back now celebrates after renewing for one more season with academic and you will be able to show your football in League 1 and the group of the Liberators cup.

From their social networks, Diego Chavez uploaded photos of his car brand Audi next to his mother with a description: “You are everything to my old lady I love you,” he pointed out.

Without a doubt, a luxury that Diego Chávez obtained with great effort, after being relegated and almost thinking about retirement a few years ago. He reflected on his career and, with great determination, managed to get a top vehicle.

Diego Chavez Return to academic in 2020. He played 17 games and helped the cream team reach a final after seven years.

Before returning to the club, he was resisted by the constant extra-sports acts he had. However, the administration gave him a new opportunity.

Chávez it began in the minor divisions of University. He debuted in 2012 and a year later he was champion with creams from the hand of Angel Comizzo.

2016 came out of academic and arrived at Sport Rosario. 2018 was in Union Huaral, second division. Then he was hired by Binacional in 2019. In the middle of the year he had to play in the Peru Cup (José Gálvez).


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