University of Chile | Johnny Herrera talks about his future and a possible reunion in the blue box

Johnny Herrera will not continue in Everton de Viña del Mar and for now his future is unknown. His name rings in O’Higgins de Rancagua, but so far all are just rumors.

That is why University of Chile reappears on the horizon of the Samurai. Although his departure was not the best at the end of 2019, His affection for the club and the devotion that the fans feel for him, always keep him on the radar of the Bulla.

In conversation with Radio Future, Herrera assured that “I think I’m going to cross paths with the U again, most likely not with some of the leaders who are currently there. If there is anyone who knows the U, it is me, I reached 13 years of Angol and thank God I was able to achieve everything in the club. We were champions, I spent months unpaid, I think I can still contribute to the U“.

Herrera himself knows that his return is difficult now due to the obvious problems he has with part of the Azul Azul leadership: “I am not one of those people who likes to look good with everyone, nor to rub their back. But my way of being is to go straight ahead and not lie. I had to leave the U with my head held high, everything I said had negative and positive consequences, but after I left there were still more shits. I could not turn a blind eye and the way they sent in front of technicians or fellow footballers“.

On the departure of Walter Montillo from the U, the goalkeeper recalled his departure from the club: “In my business, I don’t know. They wanted to let me know that Hernán Caputto wanted me out and it was a lie“.

Finally, Johnny detailed how his departure from Everton occurred and spoke of the upcoming retirement: “There was no agreement on my continuity, the coaching staff had asked me, they wanted to continue but the leadership chose not to renew me, but that’s football“.

The balance was positive at Everton, I played many games. I did some very good, some bad. But there were more good ones and that the team did not fight the relegation and if an international cup. I played all year, and we had a positive year“he added.

We are still in vacation mode, starting some personal issues and this football has an end, you have to be prepared. In my career I was able to study, thanks to that we are prepared to continue working and dedicate ourselves to the family“, he sentenced.


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