University of Chile | Rafael Dudamel responds to Walter Montillo: “When I want to say something I do it like men, face to face and frontally”

Despite living his first days as a former professional footballer, Walter Montillo keep giving to talk in University of Chile. In conversation with El Mercurio, the Squirrel openly criticized Rafael Dudamel due to the poor performance of the equipment in much of the second wheel.

“I feel that Rafael came to change a lot of things that were being done well, but in return the results were not given and in the end he returned to the same thing we did with Hernán Caputto“said the retired player.

This same day, Rafael Dudamel he spoke to the media at a press conference and when asked about Montillo’s statements, the Venezuelan answered without mincing words: “What I had to talk to him about, I did it the way men do, face to face and face to face. If those are their opinions, I can’t say ‘it’s okay’ or ‘it’s wrong’ because they are their views. “

“I understand football as a company and in a company, we the workers are not the ones who set the lines of work, neither the managers nor the coaches. The footballer has a role, the coach has a role and the managers have Another role. So I think they have been altered or confused. For me it is yesterday’s newspaper, when I want to say something I do it like men, face to face and frontally. For me it is a closed chapter“, assured the strategist.

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