University Transfers Hernán Novick will play at the Sports University for the 2021 season Peruvian University Soccer Transfers

It is a fact! Just as LIBERO announced, Hernán Novick will play in academic for the entire 2021 season. The Uruguayan midfielder, who has recorded more than 40 goals in his entire career, said goodbye to his teammates on Wednesday Peñarol and in the next few days it will arrive in Lima.

The ‘charrúa’ midfielder, who also played for Cerro Porteño in Paraguay, is an exclusive request from DT Ángel David Comizzo. The ‘cream’ box has been reinforced to face the Libertadores Cup 2021.

Hernán Novick will transfer his goals to Ate. The 32-year-old Uruguayan attacker said goodbye to his teammates in Peñarol and in the next few days he will arrive in Lima to sign a contract with Universitario for the entire 2021 season.

As mentioned previously, the ‘charrúa’ midfielder comes from squandering his football in Peñarol, but he also defended the colors of Sol América, Cerro Porteño, Guaraní and Fénix. He always played in the First Division.

In the printed edition of Wednesday, January 13, LIBERO reported on the interest of two players: Hernán Novick and Danilo Carando. The first one has already been given and the only thing missing is the signature; while the signing of the second is not ruled out.

As is known, Carando is without a club after terminating the contract with Cusco FC and his name resumes in Ate. Francisco Apaolaza? Comizzo wants him to strengthen the squad, but the negotiations are not progressing.


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