Unjudgmented Memories, Official Release

▲ Lost Judgment: Unjudgmental Memory Package (Photo courtesy of Sega Publishing Korea)

Sega Publishing Korea officially released ‘Lost Judgment: Unjudged Memories’ on the 24th for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S in Korea.

This game is the second installment in the Jersey Eyes series in which Takuya Kimura stars as the lead character.

The stage for this work is Yokohama. In an ordinary sexual harassment trial, the circumstances of a murder case are caught, and in the process of investigating it, the full story of revenge is revealed. While investigating the case, police and prosecutors and even violent groups join in. The player becomes Yagami who pursues the truth of the case and stands at the crossroads of law and justice.

Meanwhile, Lost Judgment: Unjudgmental Memory is distributing a free trial version that can be played from the beginning of the story to the middle of Chapter 1. Play data from the trial version can be transferred to the main game, but some play spots cannot be used.

Meanwhile, the previous work, Jersey Eyes: Reaper’s Will Remastered, is also on sale at a discount, and a YouTube broadcast to commemorate the release is also being held. For more information, see Sega Publishing Korea. official facebookcan be checked in
Lost Judgment: Unjudgmental Memories screenshot (Photo courtesy of Sega Publishing Korea)
▲ Lost Judgment: Unjudgmental Memory Screenshot (Photo courtesy of Sega Publishing Korea)


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