Unjust Termination: Crane Operator Edwin Adelin Seeks Justice

2023-08-02 17:15:00

Crane operator Edwin Adlin, was fired without cause. (Photo/Edwin Adrin Facebook)

Edwin Adelin, a crane operator from Sabah, Malaysia, was fired by the company for no reason. He posted a message on the social platform to sue his employer and asked netizens if he should seek help from the Labor Bureau. Edwin said that he received the dismissal notice That morning, he had a dispute with an engineer because he used tuba during work hours. He suspected that this had something to do with his firing.

Edwin Adelin is a crane operator from Sabah, Malaysia. On July 31, he was told by the company that he had to resign on August 31. Edwin said that according to the contract at the time, his employment period was one year, from June 12, 2023 to June 25, 2024. When he asked the reason for his dismissal, the employer could not come up with a reasonable reason. Edwin was fired without even sending a warning letter.

Edwin Adelin’s employment contract wrote that his employment period is 1 year. (Photo/Edwin Adrin Facebook)

In this regard, Edwin pointed out that on the morning of receiving the dismissal notice, he had a dispute with an engineer because the boss was very angry that Edwin had a tuba during working hours. After get off work that day, Edwin was told that August 31 was his last day of work. This news surprised him.

The helpless Edwin Adelin wrote about his experience on the social platform and asked netizens if he should apply for further assistance from the Labor Bureau. He hoped that netizens with relevant knowledge or experience could help him.

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