News Unknown steals hydrant on Reinacherstrasse

Unknown steals hydrant on Reinacherstrasse


Shortly after 3:00 p.m. water shot up from Basel’s Reinacherstrasse like a fountain. The pictures are reminiscent of the Jet d’eau on Lake Geneva. This fountain in the middle of Basel offered a spectacular sight in the winter sun.

This water outflow was not wanted – but at least by the authorities. Because the reason for the fountain is theft: an unknown person is said to have dismantled the hydrant on Friday afternoon. 200 liters per minute flowed onto the street.

A spectacular sight for everyone involved: on Friday afternoon a hydrant was stolen from Reinacherstrasse. (Image: Telebasel reader reporter Martin Graf)

Reader reporter Martin Graf told Telebasel: “The sight was exceptional for everyone.” Together with other eyewitnesses, he watched the spectacle. “When it came out that the hydrant was stolen, I thought to myself: ‘It’s getting better and better!'”, Comments the 64-year-old on what he experienced on a bike ride into the Gundeli. “It was unique and sensational – of course not only in a good sense.”

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World News :

Firefighters and IWB stopped water

Toprak Yerguz, media spokesman for the Department of Justice and Security, confirms to «bz Basel» that the Basel fire brigade is working near the Coop-Pronto petrol station. IWB forces were also on site.

“It didn’t seem easy to get the situation under control,” Graf describes the authorities’ efforts. The authorities were only able to end the emergency exercise after an hour. Water had penetrated into the basement of a property nearby, but there were no supply interruptions. According to Telebasel reader reporter Marin Graf, no vehicles were affected by the water shooting into the air.


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