Unlimited surfing & streaming: LTE tariff without limit now for less than 20 euros a month

Anyone who uses their smartphone for chatting, surfing and streaming while on the move knows the problem: With many affordable tariffs, the data volume is limited and quickly used up.

With the “No Limit” tariff from handy.de you don’t have to worry about data volume. As the name suggests, surf here unlimited data volume in the O2 network. The surfing speed is up to 2 Mbit / s in the download and up to 1 Mbit / s in the upload. Neither throttling nor extra costs due to automatic data are to be feared.

2 Mbit / s are not necessarily a lot, but you should be able to use applications such as WhatsApp, Instagram and Co. without any problems. According to the handy.de editorial staff, the tariff allows you to stream music on the go or watch series and films in normal resolution. The tariff also includes one SMS and telephony flat rate in all German networks as well EU-Roaming.

The minimum contract term is 24 months and is automatically extended by a further 12 months, unless you cancel within the deadline. Instead of the regular 29.99 euros, you pay for the tariff only 19.99 euros per month. You have to pay the connection fee of 39.99 euros first, then Mobilcom Debitel will refund you the sum. To do this, you must send an SMS with the text “AP free” (without special characters) to the 8362 within six weeks of activation.

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