Unlimited Unefon reopens for new customers in Mexico, but its fine print confuses anyone

In an interview, the AT&T prepaid director, Giselle Navarro, clarified that the terms and conditions registered with the IFT were incorrect. The recharge of 10 pesos is maintained by promotion until August 6 with all the benefits, including social networks.

This post has been modified following clarifications with AT&T

Unefon unlimited is back for new users in Mexico. The famous scheme consists of whole days of “unlimited” internet after top-ups, although always restricted by speed limits. Regardless of the contracted package, the first 500 MB works at a maximum of 3 MB upload and download and if that amount of data is exceeded, then the speed limit drops to 500 Kbps.

If a user reaches 1GB of consumption per day, the upload and download speed is restricted to 128 Kbps.

Initially, in the terms and conditions registered with the IFT, it was highlighted that the recharge of 10 pesos would not obtain the benefits of social networks for users. and that they would only be given 500 MB for browsing, but not unlimited data. The terms and conditions consulted and in which they were valid until August 6 were removed after the initial report of this post and the AT&T prepaid director, Giselle Navarro, has clarified to Xataka Mexico that the terms and conditions were updated and that the new offer does grant unlimited data and access to social networks from the recharge of 10 pesos.

In effect, the registrations of the promotion that appeared in unefon.com.mx were eliminated and now three new registrations appear.

There are some problems with the offer for 2022. The flagship recharge is again the 10 pesos, but it works slightly differently. The recharge of 10 pesos that is valid for one day no longer includes unlimited databut directly 500 MB for browsing, WhatsApp, voice minutes and unlimited text messages valid for one day. The package also does not include social networks.

There are a couple of interesting and contradictory things to note about the table. The 20 and 70 peso top-ups offer exactly the same as their 15 and 50 peso counterparts**. Unefon explains that the difference is that, due to a special promotion for a limited time, recharges of 20 and 70 pesos give an additional day of benefits. This promo is called “Unefon Unlimited Recharge Promotion V2” and the big problem is that its registration with the IFT (with registration code 544660) indicates that its validity was only from July 1 to 5, so it is no longer valid.

How are the top-ups in Unefon unlimited

To access the benefits of unlimited Unefon, the user must have an active Unefon SIM and, by making any of the top-ups specified in the table, will receive the indicated benefits. Any recharge made during the period of validity of your package will be integrated in the form of a balance to be used for consumption payments, international calls, navigation data in other countries, roaming international, among other services. However, if the recharge is made in the last 48 hours of the package already contracted, then the user will again receive the corresponding unlimited Unefon package.

Unefon Limitado Reopens To New Customers In Mexico But Its Fine Print Confuses Anyone

In order for a user to keep the benefits of unlimited Unefon, they will have to make minimum monthly top-ups of 70 pesos. This does not apply to those who make top-ups of 500 pesos or more. The user who pays 500 pesos will obtain a period of 60 calendar days during which she will not have to pay so as not to lose the benefits. The term becomes 90 days for those who recharge 800 pesos, 90 days for those who recharge 900 and, finally, 120 days for those who recharge 1,000 pesos.

Any user who does not meet the prerequisites will be migrated to the Prepaid Unefon commercial offer and “they will not be able to return to the promotional offer Unlimited Unefon v2“, according to what is read in the terms and Conditions.

We have contacted AT&T to find out what will happen to the 10 pesos top-up and why its promotional offer for extension of days appears to expire. If we have a response, we will update this text.

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