Unlocking the Secrets of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth’s Side-Quests: A Guide to Confusing Menu Options

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth: Understanding Side-Quest Reset Options

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, the latest installment in Square Enix’s massive RPG series, boasts an impressive array of side-quests scattered across its vast world. With 36 side-quests to complete, players are provided with the option to reset these quests after finishing the game’s main story. However, the menu options in Rebirth can be confusing for some players. In this guide, we will break down the side-quest reset options in plain language to help you navigate through the game’s post-story content.

Before diving into the details of the reset options, it’s essential to understand how the chapter selection works in Rebirth. Upon completing the game’s main story, players gain the ability to warp to any chapter in the story via the “Chapter Selection” feature found in the game’s “System” options. This feature offers three reset options, listed from bottom to top:

1. Reset All Quest Data:
This option is self-explanatory. Selecting this will reset all of your progress in every side-quest. It’s recommended for players who wish to start fresh and experience the side-quests again from the beginning.

2. Restore Previously Completed Quest Data:
If you have completed a certain number of side-quests and then finished the main story, selecting this option will maintain the completion status of those quests. This is helpful when you want to return to a previously completed state and continue progressing from there.

3. Retain Current Quest Completion Data:
Choosing this option will preserve both completed and uncompleted side-quests as you jump between chapters. For example, if you have completed five side-quests after selecting “Reset All Quest Data” and then switch to another chapter, these five quests will remain complete while the others remain unfinished. This option allows you to focus on specific quests without disrupting your progress in others.

Now let’s explore why you might consider resetting the quest data. Certain side quests in Rebirth offer different outcomes depending on your choices. For instance, to achieve the best ending for the “Dreaming of Blue Skies” quest in Junon, you need to select the bovine meat option at the quest’s end. Resetting the quests allows you to revisit these choices and explore alternative outcomes.

Additionally, if you have completed the main story, you’re likely aware that a certain character’s voice undergoes a change. Many side-quests reflect this voice transformation, providing a unique experience based on the character’s voice at different stages of the game. By replaying these quests before and after the voice switch, you can appreciate the subtle variations in dialogue and gain a deeper understanding of the character’s development.

Looking ahead, the concept of side-quests and their customizable outcomes may have implications for the future of the RPG genre. The ability to reset quests and explore alternative storylines offers players the chance to create their own personalized narratives within the game world. This trend toward player-driven storytelling could become increasingly prevalent in RPGs, allowing for more immersive and engaging gameplay experiences.

Furthermore, the idea of retaining quest completion data could be applied to other game genres as well. Imagine a future where open-world games offer players the option to revisit completed quests with modified circumstances, presenting fresh challenges and expanding the overall gameplay experience.

In conclusion, Final Fantasy VII Rebirth’s side-quest reset options provide players with the flexibility to shape their gaming experience. Whether you choose to start afresh, maintain progress, or selectively retain completion data, the game offers a range of possibilities for exploration and personalization. As we look to the future, it’s exciting to consider how these concepts may influence the direction of the RPG genre and gaming as a whole.

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