UNO is still waiting for signs of life from Princess Latifa «

The Emirates have not yet responded to demands for clarification.

17.41, 05. March 2021

There has been no trace of the daughter of the Emir of Dubai since a failed escape attempt in 2018 © AP

The United Nations is still waiting for a sign of life from Princess Latifa, who is believed to be held by her family in Dubai. After talks with representatives of the government of the United Arab Emirates he could “report no significant progress, “said UN Human Rights Bureau (OHCHR) spokesman Rupert Colville, on Friday. When asked whether the OHCHR had received any information that the 35-year-old is still alive and doing well, he said no.

The daughter of the Emir of Dubai has not been seen in public since a failed escape attempt in 2018. The British broadcaster BBC published a video call for help from the princess about two years old in mid-February. In it, she reported that she was being held by her father in a villa in Dubai that had been converted into a prison.

Princess are “looked after at home”

The recordings were made available by friends of the princess who had not heard from her since. Shortly thereafter, the OHCHR requested a sign of life from Sheikha Latifa from the Emirates.

On the same day, Dubai’s ruling family only issued a brief statement that the princess would be “looked after at home, Supported by her family and health professionals, she said, “Her condition is improving and the family hopes that she will” return to public life in due course. “

The city-state of Dubai is part of the United Arab Emirates. Latifa’s father, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al-Maktum, is an emir of Dubai and vice-president and head of government of the emirates.

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