Unprecedented slap for Trump: Congress circumvents its veto on the defense budget

This is a first under the Trump era. The US Congress, by a very large majority, rejected the outgoing President’s veto on the defense budget. The text is definitively adopted.

The Senate adopted, with 81 votes for and 13 against, this budget of 740 billion dollars despite “The president’s objections” during an exceptional session in this 1is January. The majority of Republican elected officials joined the Democrats, defying their leader at the twilight of his mandate, when he has always prided himself on their support.

A humiliation for Donald Trump, who considers the text too favorable to China and railed against the possibility of renaming military bases honoring Confederate generals. He also criticized him for not including the abolition of a law, known as “article 230”, protecting the legal status of social networks, which he accuses of censorship against him.

Ninth veto in four years

Already, on the night of Monday to Tuesday, the House of Representatives, with a Democratic majority, had rejected the veto of the President of the United States, by voting overwhelmingly for the defense budget. More than two-thirds of parliamentarians had opposed Donald Trump, including 109 Republicans.

In four years in the White House, Donald Trump has used his veto power nine times against bills passed in both chambers. Until now, Congress has never managed to achieve the two-thirds majority needed to override it.

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This slap comes as more and more elected officials from his party recognize his defeat in the presidential election to Joe Biden in early November. A defeat that he still does not concede himself. On Friday, he also called for a large demonstration on Wednesday against a ballot that he considers illegal and rigged. “We won, by a lot”, he (again) hammered on Twitter.



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