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The outbreak of the British variant of the coronavirus in a care center in Brunssum has nothing to do with the vaccination of the residents two weeks earlier. That says Kina Koster, chairman of the board of Cicero.

In the Emmastaete care center, 21 residents became infected with the corona virus and 17 employees in a short time. Four residents died from the infection. After research by the GGD, the British corona variant was found in five people, which is more contagious than the type that was circulated in Limburg last year.

The staff of the Emmastaete care home receive many questions about possible relationships with the vaccination, mainly prompted by suggestions on social media. “It is impossible that the infections are related to the vaccination,” said Koster. The residents of Emmastaete were vaccinated with the Pfizer vaccine over a three-day period from January 26. “That vaccine does not contain any virus particles. That is why you cannot become infected by the vaccination.”

After the vaccination week, the staff was extra attentive to the physical status of the residents. In the first week of February any complaints after the vaccination should have been resolved, but a number of residents remained ill. “We think that people were already infected at the time of vaccination, although they had no complaints at all. If we had known that, we would not have been vaccinated. That is why I asked the GGD whether we should test beforehand in the future. we are going to vaccinate. According to the GGD that was not necessary, but it remains possible that someone is in the incubation period at the moment of vaccination. “

Visitors regulation
Emmastaete already had a restriction in the visitors’ scheme, but does not completely lock the doors of the nursing home, as was the case in nursing homes during the first wave. “It is a very difficult decision to make a central agreement about this. People live with us, that is where the primacy lies. How is that person doing, what does he or she need to feel comfortable? finding a balance between the containment of the virus, the safety of our residents and the dignity. That people should be able to receive visitors from their loved ones where they live. “


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