Unrest in Minsk after the victory of Alexandr Lukashenko in the elections

Several people were injured in the violent clashes occurred after closure of polling stations in Minsk amid riot police and opposition protesters outraged by the victory of President Alexandr Lukashenko, in the presidential elections on Sunday.

The health services reported the admission of several injured in hospitals in the capital, although local police have not confirmed it.

In a video published by the local press you can see how a police truck runs over a group of protesters in the center of the capital, an accident in which several people were reportedly injured.

A still from the moment a police truck runs over a protester in Minsk. For now his state of health is unknown. (TATYANA ZENKOVICH / EFE)

The police resorted to rubber bullets
, hoses and grenades deafening to disperse the thousands of protesters, who in one of the avenues of the city erected a barricade with drums and other objects of public furniture.

The arrival of numerous ambulances to the areas of the city where the most violent crashes have occurred, which have also been registered in other cities in this country, chaired by Lukashenko since 1994.

Riot police charge on protesters in Minsk

The riot police charge on the protesters in Minsk (TATYANA ZENKOVICH / EFE)

The press talks about protests in Brest, Gomel, Grodno and Vitebsk, among others, although the opposition leader, Svetlana Tijanóvskaya, had urged Belarusians, “civilians and in uniform”, not to resort to violence after the presidential elections.

Once the fighting broke out, Tijanóvskaya again addressed protesters and security forces to stop violence.

“I want to ask the police and (Interior) troops to remember that they are part of the people. And to my voters to abandon the provocations and not give reasons for the use of violence against them. Please stop the violence, ”he said.

Throughout the night thousands of people across the country clamor for an end to violence in the streets of major cities

Throughout the night thousands of people across the country clamor for an end to violence in the streets of major cities (AP)

Lukashenko, whose power is based on the State Security Committee (KGB), had warned when voting on Sunday morning that would not allow a Ukrainian revolution and ruled out that the country could be doomed to a “civil war”.

While the official poll commissioned by the Government gives Lukashenko a victory with 79.7% of the votes and Tijanóvskaya only 6.8%, the parallel recount of the opposition gives a very different result: 80% in favor of the candidate of the unified opposition.

The exiled opposition candidate Valeri Tsepkalo, who supported Tijanóvskaya in the elections, warned that the opposition candidate could not recognize the results and go to court.

The High Representative for Foreign Policy of the European Union, Josep Borrell, had asked the authorities to guarantee “peaceful, free and fair” elections.

The elections took place amid tensions with Russia and the normalization of relations with the US, which agreed with Minsk to send an ambassador after a 12-year absence.

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