UNUSUAL! Wendy Guevara Crowned Champion of ‘La Casa de Los Famosos’ with a Whopping Prize: Find Out the Equivalent in National Economic Terms!

2023-08-15 00:44:00

UNUSUAL! Wendy Guevara, recognized for appearing in the “lost” video, was crowned champion of “La casa de los famosos”. Adding to the excitement and competition, there was a tempting cash prize up for grabs, which has piqued the curiosity of many. What is the large sum that could be taken and how does it translate into national economic terms?


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The prize that awaits the winner of the reality show amounts to 4 million Mexican pesos, which translates into more than 200,000 US dollars. By converting to the local currency, the model could receive the impressive figure of 864,596.15 soles, according to the results obtained from Google.

How many minimum wages is equivalent to the prize of “The House of Famous”?

Now, to put this sum into perspective in the Peruvian context, it is important to consider the minimum wage in the country, which is 1,025 soles. If we take this figure as a reference, we can make a revealing calculation: the prize that Wendy Guevara obtained is equivalent to approximately 845 months.

Indeed, that translates to a staggering 70 years of working continuously at minimum wage to earn the same amount as the winner of “House of Celebs.”

What did Wendy Guevara say after winning ‘The House of Celebrities, Mexico’?

After turning off the lights in “La casa de los famosos”, Wendy Guevara came out and was surprised by her parents and did not hesitate to thank all the followers who supported her during her journey in the reality show.

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“I want to thank all the people who voted for me, my people from Hell, I love you, thank you beautiful people, thank you,” said the visibly emotional blonde.


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