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Unveiling the Mystery of the Legendary Writer Graphic Biography “Looking for Milan? Kundera” PublishedFly into the homes of ordinary people

“Finding Milan Kundera” premiere

A rebellious son who was born in a musical family, but gave up notes and turned to characters; a first-line writer who became famous at a young age but was forbidden to publish his works; a literature professor who left his country and went into exile in other provinces; a deprived of his nationality and followed his works An exiled writer who found a place to live… Milan Kundera is a fierce defender of privacy who has refused to appear in the media for nearly 40 years. Today, Shanghai Translation Publishing House launched Milan Kundera’s graphic biography “Looking for Milan Kundera”, matching more than 30 photos, showing a legendary life lost between two motherland.

Ariana Sherman, the author of “Finding Milan Kundera”, is like a seasoned puzzle player. Like most “Kundera fans”, Sherman has been eager to play with “The Joke” since she was 20 years old. The author of Kundera Met. In order to follow the footsteps of idols, she traveled from Eastern Europe to Western Europe. Unlike other followers, Sherman met Kundera’s wife, Vera, with whom she reminisced about the past. Therefore, the information cited in this biography is not only first-hand, but also approved by the Kundera couple.

Sherman also interviewed publishers, filmmakers, and TV anchors who had an intersection with Kundera. In this biography, she read Kundera’s life through her works, and interprets the works through the novelist’s life. For the first time, the book fully discloses the facts and details of many past events, such as the relevant files of the Kundera couple being monitored by the Czech government, the emotional story between the two wives, and the turmoil that was once regarded as the government’s “informer”, etc.

Shanghai Translation Publishing House plans to republish all of Kundera’s works this year. With the publication of the biography “Finding Milan Kundera”, the first to meet readers are “The Unbearable Lightness of Life”, “Joke”, “Ignorance”, “Slow” and “The Art of Fiction”. The publishing house introduced: “The new version of Kundera’s works launched this time has many special features. Readers can take off the cover and bring their own exclusive insights to create a book that is exclusive to them with the illustration stickers that come with the book. Kundera’s works. In addition, the translation agency also joined hands with Sisyphus Bookstore to launch the “Unbearable Lightness of Life” book + reading book set, and will also plan reading sharing and other activities.”

From today to the 26th of this month, readers who purchase related works will also have the opportunity to receive the “Unbearable Lightness of Life” + “Finding Milan Kundera” first launch courtesy combination. (Xu Yisheng, reporter of Xinmin Evening News)

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