Unveiling the Shocking Real Story of Miss Cartagena in ‘Sound of Freedom’: A Controversial Film Exposing Child Trafficking in Colombia

2023-09-15 01:03:40

Kelly Suarez is Katy Giselle in ‘Sound of freedom’, the model was released in 2016. Photo: God Reports

‘Sound of Freedom’ is the most controversial film in the world so far, especially in Latin America. This film produced by Eduardo Verástegui and starring Jim Caviezel exposes a latent problem today: child trafficking, which, in this case, is focused on Colombia. For this reason, a piece of news that scandalized the country in 2014 was remembered in ‘Sound of freedom’. It is the story of a model and miss who was one of the greatest pimps and member of a cartel in Cartagena.

The film, based on the story of Tim Ballard, tells details about the panorama of child trafficking in Latin America, specifically, it emphasizes the minors who are transferred from Honduras to Colombia. The former HSI agent is the protagonist of this plot who, after finding a child, decides to undertake an operation to find the whereabouts of a little girl named Rocío.

‘Sound of freedom’: What is the real story of Miss Cartagena?

Katy Giselle, personaje de ‘Sound of Freedom’. Foto: Down The Hobbit Hole Blog

It took more than a month for Latin America to learn the story of ‘Sound of Freedom’, released just last August 31. With this, not only was it possible to learn in-depth about the issue of child trafficking, but also about the life of the beauty queen who at the age of 20 became a pimp for a Cartagena cartel. The feature film shows how an operation led by the Colombian police achieves the arrest of all the people involved. Although viewers of the film believed that Giselle or Miss Cartagena was only a character added to give meaning to the plot, the truth is that this is not the case.

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It is necessary to go back to 2014 to remember what happened to Kelly Suárez, who in the film has the name Katy Giselle. The capture of the model was surprising for all of Colombia, since a year before she participated in the Reign of Independence representing the Juan José Obrero neighborhood. This image of a beauty queen would be erased after Operation Crystal II, in which she was arrested. According to subsequent investigations, the La Coqueta cabin, on Barú Island, was the place where plans for child trafficking were organized.

According to the police, around 60 minors between 13 and 20 years old were found at a party that had been organized for foreign citizens. The information that was revealed at that time was that Kelly Suárez summoned minors through the Stage Model Caribe agency promising them to be big stars, but in the end she ended up selling them to the highest bidder, a scene that can be seen at the beginning of ‘Sound of Freedom’ .

What happened to Kelly Suárez after being released?

After her arrest, she was confined in the San Diego jail, where she remained confined for almost a year and a half. She was released in 2016 due to a habeas corpus petition that her lawyer filed. After two years, Kelly Suárez said that she had been deceived, because, as she said, she was told that she was going to promote her agency at the party where the child trafficking took place.

Likewise, he also detailed that the contact was made through social networks. She stated that she never had anything to do with the organization or the charges against her. Finally, almost since the end of 2016, she has not appeared in any media again, but today her name is remembered again after the premiere of the film ‘Sound of Freedom’.

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What other story was ‘Sound of Freedom’ based on?

Gardy Mardy is the boy who inspired the plot of the movie ‘Sound of Freedom’ and was also the reason why Tim Ballard gave up his job to rescue minors outside the United States. Born in Haiti, according to the story told by the former agent, Gardy was kidnapped in 2009 when he was only 2 years old. However, Ballard did not begin the search for him until approximately three years later, when he was able to gather the resources necessary to carry out a covert operation.

What is the plot of ‘Sound of Freedom’?

The plot of the film is based on real events and in it we can see Timothy Ballard, a federal agent who resigns from his job within the United States Government, in the Department of Homeland Security, to save minors from the cartels. and human traffickers. The film analyzes child trafficking in Latin American countries, especially Mexico.

While carrying out his work, Tim meets a 7-year-old boy whom he saved from a trafficker and who asks for his help to rescue his sister, who is also in the same situation as him. This is how the story begins that has given a lot to talk about around the world and, especially, on social networks.

Who is Timothy Ballard and what relationship does he have with ‘Sound of Freedom’?

Tim Ballard is an American who worked for much of his life for the CIA. That was where he learned about human trafficking cases, but he couldn’t do much to capture the ‘ringleaders’ because he was leaving their jurisdiction. This changed in 2016 when the laws were changed and he delved into important cases from Colombia and Haiti. Although he stopped receiving support and resigned from his job due to the limitations, he decided to continue his research on his own.

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Kelly Suárez was a Colombian miss who was active on the catwalks until 2013. Photo: Las 2 Orillas

Who are the actors and characters in ‘Sound of Freedom’?

Jim Caviezel as Timothy BallardMira Sorvino as Katherine BallardBill Camp as BatmanYessica Borroto as Katty-GiselleKurt Fuller as FrostGary Basaraba as Earl BuchananJosé Zúñiga as RobertoEduardo Verástegui as PaulCristal Aparicio as RocíoLucas David Águila as Miguel.
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