Upcoming Fall Vaccination Campaign: Targeting High-Risk Individuals and Mandatory Minimum Periods

2023-08-18 04:01:00

From October, it will target those most at risk, but will remain open to all those who wish, the only condition being to respect a minimum period of six months after the last injection or infection.

The virus has not disappeared. In August, the health services recorded a slight upsurge in Covid-19 cases in France. The figures are far from reaching the levels known during the peaks of contamination, but they show that the virus is still circulating in the territory.

“The virus continues to circulate in all countries, killing and changing,” said Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, director of the World Health Organization (WHO), on August 9. taken up by our colleagues from BFM TV. To continue their fight against Covid-19, the health authorities have therefore planned a new vaccination campaign for the fall.

Starting October 17

The fall vaccination campaign will begin from September 6 in Mayotte and October 17 in mainland France, Guadeloupe, Martinique and Guyana, indicates a bulletin of the general directorate of health (DGS). In view of the latest relatively low epidemic figures, the dates of this plan should be maintained.

For the most fragile

This vaccination campaign will focus on those most at risk, including those over 65, pregnant women, and people with comorbidities (diabetes, obesity, chronic diseases). Health personnel are also called upon to be vaccinated.

People with psychiatric disorders, dementia or trisomy 21 are also affected. People who do not meet these criteria can also be vaccinated. The Covid-19 vaccination campaign will be coupled with that against influenza, which targets the same people at risk.

What vaccines used?

It is still necessary to distinguish the non-vaccinated from the vaccinated. According to our colleagues from Picard mail, for the primary vaccination, two vaccines are available: the three monovalent vaccines from Pfizer for children aged between 6 months and 4 years, 5-11 years and over 12 years. The Novavax vaccine for those over 12 years old.

As a reminder, the High Authority for Health has four vaccines : Pfizer bivalent for those over 12 years old, Moderna bivalent for those over 30 years old, Novavax for those over 12 years old and Sanofi for those over 18 years old. Moreover, while a new subvariant of the virus, called Eris, is in circulation, these two laboratories as well as Novavax are developing a new vaccine capable of targeting it precisely. It should be available from September.

Who can vaccinate?

In addition to liberal doctors, “pharmacists and nurses will now be able to administer the seasonal flu vaccine to people aged 11 and over”, detailed Nord Littoral.

And to mobilize the maximum number of staff and “not miss any opportunity to co-administer vaccines against Covid-19 and influenza, pharmacy assistants and graduate students pharmacy courts may, under certain conditions, in addition to the administration of vaccines against Covid-19, administer vaccines against influenza in pharmacies”

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