Update for Nintendo Switch version of Bayonetta 2. Eight years after the release of the Wii U version, the “fatal mistake” of the text is corrected-AUTOMATON


On November 24th, Nintendo released an update for the Nintendo Switch version of Bayonetta 2.Company support siteAccording to the update, in addition to correcting some of the chapter names in Chinese (traditional), “There were some errors in the text of the event scene at the beginning of all languages, so we have corrected them.” Hideki Kamiya of developer PlatinumGames has reported on the details of the text of this opening event scene. He said he made a “fatal mistake.”

Bayonetta 2 is an action game developed by Platinum Games and published by Nintendo. It was released for Wii U in 2014, and a Nintendo Switch version was also released in 2018.

In this work, a fierce battle suddenly develops immediately after the game starts, and the prologue is told at the same time. The same production was performed in the previous work “Bayonetta”, and a message was displayed at the beginning of both works. In the previous work, “The world of truth is the recognition created by light and darkness…”, and in “Bayonetta 2”, “In the world of infinite time created by light and darkness…”. However, before this update, the English displayed in the center of the screen was the same as the previous work. In other words, it was inconsistent with the Japanese subtitles.

According to Bayonetta director Hideki Kamiya, who worked on the scenario for the series, shortly before the mastering of Bayonetta 3, the latest game released this year, he said, “Mr. Kamiya, 1 and 2 are the same. English is displayed,” said a colleague. There is a similar production in the new work, and it seems that he noticed it while talking about it.

Mr. Kamiya had created the correct English sentences for each of them, but they were not reflected in the product. After hurriedly confirming the problem, he said, he “pale-faced … collapsed.” “It was a fatal mistake for me, who was planning the Bayo universe,” he said.

It might seem like a quick fix, since it’s just one short sentence. However, according to Mr. Kamiya, when it comes to actual repairs, it takes a surprising amount of time and money to restore the production environment and check after corrections. thing. As a result, he only vowed with Yuji Nakao, the producer of “Bayonetta 3”, “If there is an opportunity to port it to the next-generation console, I will fix it at that time.”

However, Mr. Nakao said that he was still searching for the possibility of correcting it behind the scenes. And miraculously, the opportunity to fix it came around, and it was said that this update was reached. After the update, it has been corrected to “In a universe of light and dark, where time reflects infinity …” corresponding to Japanese subtitles. Mr. Kamiya said, “I was deeply moved by the fact that the corrections were made, and above all, by Nakao-kun’s feelings…” commenting.

Also, Bayonetta 3 has a similar opening sentence. “In a multi-layered world where light, darkness, and chaos interweave…” is also slightly different from the previous two works, and the correct English is recorded from the beginning. As a result, for English-speaking users, the wording of Bayonetta 2 suddenly changed after the release of the third game.

In fact, the trial version of “Bayonetta 2” distributed for overseas Wii U contained correct English. It is unknown why the English version of the previous work was incorrectly applied to the product version, but on SNS and Reddit about this update (without knowing the background of the correction), I wonder why it was necessary to change the expression. Some people are disappointed, others are surprised that it hasn’t been fixed in such a long time.

Bayonetta 2 is now available for Nintendo Switch. “Bayonetta” and the latest “Bayonetta 3” are also available for Nintendo Switch.

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