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The world of MMORPGs has undergone a great upheaval with the release of New World. The new game from Amazon Games has won the crowds, so much that gamers are victims of its success.

[Mis à jour le 30 septembre 2021 à 18h12] New World is the biggest video game project of the biggest e-commerce company in the world. And it feels. An eight-figure budget if we are to believe the words of Julien Pillot, teacher-researcher at the Inseec School of Business & Economics (interview with the echoes), and a result that benefits from it. Stunning graphics, innovative gameplay, New World had it all, and the bet paid off. So successful that players must have crammed into server queues since its launch. Update on the connection level, and all the information on New World a little further down in this article.

It is since Tuesday, September 28 that adventurers can explore the ruins of Aeternum. A successful launch from a marketing point of view, since New World has reached nearly 700,000 players simultaneously on the game according to Steam statistics. Good news for Amazon Games, less good for players, who had to pile up two days in a row in the endless queues of some servers. At the height of the “crisis”, Tuesday at 6 pm, we were able to identify more than 600,000 players in the queues. It was the European servers that suffered particularly, accounting for almost 2/3 of this astronomical figure. The reason ? Too much popularity and too few servers. If European players represent almost 60% of New World players in the world, their servers represented on the first day only 40% of the total number of servers. Also, don’t forget that each server can only accommodate 2000 players at the same time, which lets you imagine the impact that having a famous streamer can have on the length of a queue.

Good news for gamers

No need to be a diviner to imagine the situation of European servers on Wednesday 29 at peak hours. Despite the opening during the day of more than fifty additional servers (92 at launch, 150 the next morning), the queues once again exceeded understanding, with nearly 300,000 people stuck at the end of the day. A situation that could not improve as long as Amazon did not drastically increase the number of servers and / or their capacity. Note the use of the imperfect, since on the evening of Wednesday 29, the American firm opened no less than 42 additional servers in Europe (192 in total) and started tests to increase server capacity. Tests passed on the morning of September 30, since some Australian servers can already accommodate 2,500 players (against 2000 at launch). We should therefore be able to hope for a clear improvement in the situation, 2 days after the game’s release.

But (there is always a but), despite this undeniable progression, given the success of New World, it will be impossible to do without tails in the first week after its launch. At 4.30 pm this Thursday, September 30, more than 200,000 European players are already in the queues, and the situation should not improve in the evening. And for good reason, the average of players wishing to connect simultaneously to New World in Europe every day at peak hours seems to stabilize at around 600,000 people. With a quick and crude calculation, if we take into account the number of places per server (2000), Amazon would have to make available to European players between 250 and 300 servers at least to accommodate all this small world. However, this Thursday we are only at 192.

If you wish to consult the statistics of New World servers in real time, we can only recommend that you visit the site: newworldstatus.com

Additionally, character transfers from one server to another are free for two weeks.

If you want to view the status of the servers live, go to the New World official website.

“All regions are now live! Thank you for your support during these incredible last 24 hours! We are aware that some of our players are currently experiencing long queues and we are currently working on it. We will continue to do so. add more servers and plan to increase the capacity of our existing servers as soon as our tests are completed.

Our main goal is for all of our players to be able to log in and play our game as fast as possible. So that everyone can find a server available now, while keeping in mind the importance of belonging to your community for the long term in Aeternum, we will offer all our players the opportunity to move their character to another server, free of charge, for the next two weeks. Thank you for your patience, our New World community is growing and we want to do our best to serve you all.

Thank you for your support. See you soon in Aeternum. “

The world of MMORPGs celebrates the arrival of a new kid! New World, the last to come out of the Amazon Games vaults, has been officially launched since Tuesday, September 28, and the crowds are already crazy about it. It is true that Amazon Games had not always accustomed us to vintages (hello Crucible), but it seems that this time, this MMORPG is a great vintage. We counted more than 700,000 players simultaneously on the shores of Aeternum, making it de facto the second most played game of the moment on the platform behind the eternal Counter Strike Global Offensive. A big success which is also reflected in a constantly increasing number of viewers on Twitch, the streaming platform which, as we recall, also belongs to Amazon, with a peak close to a million viewers. Only, such popularity implies a few hiccups; Lags, disconnections and monstrous queues, nothing more normal when launching a Triple A MMORPG.

New World is available in digital version on Amazon, and on Steam, for the Standard version and for the Deluxe version. This new MMORPG adopts a very different system from its comrades such as The Elder Scrolls Online or World of Warcraft, since it is a buy-to-play (B2P), i.e. only one purchase unique gives you access to all of its content, as opposed to a subscription system. The game is available in two versions, the Standard version at a reasonable price of 39,99 euros, and of 49,99 euros for the Ultimate version, which includes cosmetics and a pet. If you are wondering about the relatively low price of New World, tell yourself that it is in itself a strategy. It promotes a strong influx of players and therefore, in-game purchases.


New World is a real-time combat MMORPG, where you play as an adventurer stranded on Aeternum Island, in search of ancient relics. The game is organized into three factions, the Shadow, the Marauders and the Engaged, who compete for control of the various points of interest and settlements in Aeternum. A guild belonging to one of these factions can buy control of a region for 100,000 gold pieces (a hell of a lot) and give some bonuses to other members of the same faction, and penalties to players from the same faction. opposing factions. To contest an area, a faction must accumulate enough influence points through PvP quests to be able to declare war on the faction occupying the territory. The dispute is then carried out in turf wars, 50 against 50.

Quest system

The players also have access to a market and to all the craft trades, for the amateurs of a gameplay a little less linear and more role-play. Crafting offers its own unique quest system and is a very viable option for leveling up your character. Invasions, raids, dungeons (from level 25, and with 5 players), everything is there to offer varied combats, oriented PvE (player against environment) or PvP (player against player). In addition, the game has a savage PvP system that will allow the more adventurous to gain quite large amounts of character and weapon experience.

Weapons and skills

New World combat is based on the two weapons you will have in your hands, each of which has three particular powers, which you unlock by gaining weapon experience, and which you can use to defend yourself, reposition yourself or hurt your opponents. Each weapon has two very different skill trees. You can carry a weapon in your hands and a weapon in your back, and you can switch weapons during combat. Using a skill on the weapon in your hands does not put the same reload skill on the weapon in your back. You can therefore use a rotation of up to six spells.

The skill tree for the ax © Screenshot


There is no class system in New World. Your character has characteristics that you can increase with your level, and with your equipment. They are five in number, Strength, Dexterity, Intelligence, Concentration and Form. Each skill can be upgraded up to level 300, not including stats added by your gear. The bonuses offered by these characteristics work in stages. Invest enough points in a characteristic to reach a milestone, which will grant you a very powerful passive. The different characteristics provide the following bonuses:

  • Strength determines damage from heavy melee weapons (hammer, hatchet, two-handed ax, one-handed sword)
  • Dexterity increases the damage of ranged weapons and some small arms (spear, rapier, bow and musket)
  • Intelligence increases magic damage (enchantments, fire staff and ice gauntlet)
  • Focus increases mana regeneration and healing (life stick)
  • Form increases your health points
The characteristic tree © Screenshot

You will therefore have to adapt your characteristics to your style of play. If you want to play more tank, invest points in form and strength. If you want to play a mage, invest points in intelligence and focus. If you choose a DPS (damage per second) style instead, invest in strength and dexterity instead. Each build can be different, which is what makes New World so strong while allowing it to break free from the traditional class system.

If you liked this little presentation and want to embark on the adventure on the Island of Aeternum, you might as well know which server to connect to on the day of its release. Especially if you want to play it with friends. In order for you to coordinate with other Adventurers on your contact list, Amazon Games has released the list of available servers based on your region. Remember that each server will have the capacity to accommodate “over a thousand” players, if the developers are to be believed. It can be noted that Europe will be united under the aegis of a single data center.

We also have the list of “French” servers, five servers are recommended to our compatriot players. These are the servers:

  • Lyonesse
  • Nysa
  • Bakhu
  • Ife
  • Melinde

If you want to play today, however, you will have to be patient, some servers are fully full and there are endless connection queues.

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