Uploaded to SNS after killing parents and younger sister… US 15-year-old chooses extreme right before arrest

William Queens Colburn III, 15, far right, made an extreme choice after shooting and killing his parents and sister. (Go Fund Me Capture) © News 1

A Texas teenager shocked his family by posting pictures of his body on social media just before he took the extreme step.

According to the British Daily Mail on the 17th (local time), William Queens Colburn III (15) posted on his Facebook page on the 15th, △ father William Buck Colburn Jr. (63), mother Yana Colburn (53), and younger sister Emma Colburn (13). ) and two dogs were shot and killed, and their bodies were photographed and posted.

Local police, who were informed of the photo, rushed to the scene to find King Colburn III, and were able to find him at his home. However, after admitting that he had murdered his parents and sister, he shot himself and killed himself just before being arrested by the police.

“He had at least two guns,” the local police said. “He went to a school and threatened to commit more violence. He also possessed that many weapons and ammunition.” “Thanks to the swift action, nothing worse has happened,” he added.

The eldest daughter, Maharia Betz, who lost her parents and a younger sister in the shooting of her younger brother, was shocked. “It was my mother’s 53rd birthday that day,” Betts lamented.

Currently, Betts is raising money for the funeral of a deceased family member. He said, “The unimaginable happened. I couldn’t prepare anything by myself,” he said. “Please mourn the death of my family together.” Currently, a little over $12,000 (about 14.8 million won) has been raised.

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