Upset, CNN reporter cracks live in front of millions of viewers

Sara Sidner was very moved after one of her reports on Covid-19 was broadcast in the United StatesCapture CNN

In the midst of the Covid-19 epidemic, journalist Sara Snider multiplies reports for the television channel
CNN. She is on the front line and is reaching out to Americans stricken by the virus. But on Tuesday, she couldn’t hold back tears while on the air. “This is the 10th hospital I’m going to, I’m sorry,” she said in tears, reports Le Huffington Post.

The day before, she had notably filmed in a health facility in California and attended the funeral of a victim of the coronavirus. To allow the ceremony to be held, relatives had been forced to organize it in a parking lot so that the participants could be far enough from each other and thus comply with health measures.

An outbreak of the epidemic

His encounters and images seem to have touched journalist Sara Snider deeply. The day after this live, she reacted on her Twitter account, explaining that she was embarrassed to have felt such an emotion but that she could not hide her sadness.

On Tuesday, the United States had recorded a sad record: 4,470 people died from the coronavirus in 24 hours and 235,000 new infections. The country had never exceeded the 4,000 death mark in one day.

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