Urbain Haesaert, the former scout leader of Anderlecht: “My Ajax wants Bounida but Barça too”

Surprising interview with Urbain Haesaert (79), former head of the scouting of the Anderlecht youth school, returned to Ajax Amsterdam in 2018. In Sporza, he said about the Anderlecht Academy: “She’s extraordinary. Scouting is very successful. I would say Anderlecht is in the top 10 or even in the top 5 of the best youth schools in Europe. Anderlecht has a better youth school than English clubs. Barcelona, ​​c ‘is an institution. The best training? It is given to Ajax. “

Haesaert also mentioned the case of Rayane Bounida (14 years old), the greatest talent of Neerpede who already plays in U16, where he does not always start, this season. Haesaert: “He is the absolute top. He has everything. He plays with both feet, has excellent control, sees the game, makes an offensive action directly, gives the pass instead of dribbling for nothing, he scores… He is still small and will never be very big, so I don’t see him playing like new, but at several other positions. “

We know: Bounida is in the sights of the biggest clubs, but his dad would like him to break through in Anderlecht. Haesaert: “I confirm that we would still like to have him at Ajax. But we are not the only ones. There are Barcelona, ​​too. And Manchester and Chelsea…”

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