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Urban Nidhi Nixhepa Scam; The police registered the arrest of four accused in May.

Thursday, February 2, 2023 12:37 AM IST

Kannur: Urban Nidhi in Kannur ties up with Nikshepa Thattuppu and goes to Mayil. In the lease registered cases, the arrest of four accused was recorded. Kannur Urban Nidhi Director K.M. Ghafoor co-founded Any Time Money director Shaukat A. Li, Urban Nidhi Assistant General Manager Jeena, HR Manager Pra Bheesh was arrested by Inspector TP Sumesh in May. Ghafoor, Shaukat Ali, who are in remand in Kannur Sub Jail. Bheesh was brought here and is serving his life on remand in the women’s jail. The arrest was recorded when Naye reached there. He will be taken into custody the next day for questioning.
So far there are five cases related to Urban Nidhi Nikshepa fraud. It was registered by the police in May. Narathe Chulleri Komalavalli, Kutyathur Retd. Air Force officer K.V. Vatsarajan, Karingalkuzhi P. Athira, Kannadiparam Sabari Niwasil Murali, Kannadiparam Pu The case is based on the complaints of Lukul Nisha. 15.60 lakhs of Komalavalli and K.V. 13.30 lakhs of Vatsaraja and P. Athira Rs 15.18 Lakhs, Murali Rs 15.20 Lakhs and Nisha Rs 7.60 Lakhs Payu lost.

“Any Time Money” Director Anthony, Urban Nidhi Branch Manager Shaiju , Senior Manager Tinro Arakal, Assistant General Manager C. Chandran is the other accused in the case registered by the police in May.

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