Urdangarin will leave Monday, Wednesday and Friday to volunteer

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Iñaki Urdangarin will be able to leave the prison on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays to volunteer, after the Penitentiary Surveillance judge has extended the authorized departures of the Brieva prison in Ávila from two to three days a week to carry out this work .

This has been reported to Efe prison sources, who have specified that it will be next week when this new departure schedule begins.

Following the decision of the Penitentiary Surveillance judge, the Treatment Board of the Brieva prison has decided that these are three days of the week.

In his decision, the judge, after studying the favorable reports that reflect the good use of the program by the inmate, considered that “there is no inconvenience to extend the requested weekly departures to three.”

To carry out his volunteer work at Hogar Don Orione de Pozuelo de Alarcón (Madrid), Urdangarin, who turns 52 today, first left Brieva prison on September 19. .


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