Urgent: Health issues an important measure regarding black fungus and reveals its causes and methods of treatment

A medical source announced that a treatment protocol was prepared for patients with the Corona virus, in order to prevent the increased use of antibiotics and cortisone, in order to prevent complications from recovering cases from the virus, which causes them to contract the black fungus.

This came after the circulation of cases of black fungus for those recovering from Corona, due to the excessive use of antibiotics within the treatment protocol, which is a fungal infection that attacks people whose immune systems have been weakened as a result of the virus.

The most important information about black fungus, its causes and treatment methods:

ويكون black fungus It is a mold, found in soil, compost, or decomposing organic matter. It can attack the respiratory system, but it is a non-contagious disease. It also causes serious effects on the patient and affects the lungs and sinuses.

Also, in the recent period, the infection attacked people recovering from Corona disease, due to the weakness of their immune system, and this caused serious infections that quickly transmitted to the brain, causing death, and it is considered one of the rare types of fungal infection, which is transmitted to humans through contact with existing fungal germs. in the environment.

It can be transmitted by inhaling it from the air, where the fungus is infected as a result of a skin infection, and the fungus enters the skin through scratches, wounds or burns, and the infection is transmitted by inhaling the bacteria of the fungi, which are found in some places such as rooms and damp places.

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