Urgent law for curfew in the Netherlands may already go to …

The emergency law drafted by the Dutch government on curfews will probably be submitted to the Lower House on Wednesday. The new law was already signed by the king on Tuesday evening and sent directly to the Council of State.

The highest adviser to the government will issue an urgent advice, after which the bill can go directly to the House, says a spokeswoman for the Ministry of Justice and Security. It is up to the House to determine when it deals with the law. The Chamber must then return from recess.

Justice minister Ferd Grapperhaus announced on Tuesday afternoon that there will be an emergency law, because the judge in The Hague finds the legal basis for the curfew insufficient. He determined on Tuesday morning in a case brought by the Virus Truth action group that the measure had to be dropped immediately. The cabinet immediately appealed and announced an emergency law, perhaps unnecessarily, according to the minister.

At the same time, the court was asked to suspend the execution of the judge’s decision until a decision was made on appeal. The court agreed, so that the curfew will remain until Friday at least. The court will then deal with the appeal and will probably give an immediate decision.

After the House of Representatives, the Senate also has to consider the emergency act.

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