Uribe published an alleged chat in which Quintero would have insulted him

Through your Twitter account, Alvaro Uribe public a trill in which a supposed chat of Daniel Quintero (with another person) in which the mayor of Medellín would have called “matarife” al as well former senator.

“The mayor knows how to argue!” it was seen in the trill of Uribe that accompanied the image of the alleged Quintero chat. Uribe’s publication was deleted, but several users took a screenshot of it.

In that image shared by the former president, a conversation between two people was seen, one of which apparently would be the mayor of Medellín.

The content of the alleged chat shows that it would be a conversation held in July 2020. This, taking into account that the dialogue is about Uribe’s position on the attempt of the Mayor of Medellín of bring Cuban doctors to that city to help in the crisis of the COVID-19 pandemic.

There, the person speaking, presumably with Quintero, tells him that Uribe “came out to speak” on the controversy of Cuban doctors.

That’s when the rude answer comes. “Answer him this to the slaughterer on Twitter: ‘the slaughterer immediately came out to reject Cuban doctors from entering Colombia to save lives. Of course, it was to be expected that the only thing that Uribe would be happy and satisfied with would be the dead. Assassin!'”.

After the ‘recommendation’ of who would presumably be Quintero, comes a last response from the other person in the chat. “Ready, I go with everything against that malp…”, was the message final.

Who would be the other person in the supposed chat of Daniel Quintero?

In the image shared by Uribe you can see the one already mentioned ‘recommendation’ to post in Twitter.

A quick review on that platform reveals that the message was published verbatim by Alex Flórez, Medellín councilor for the independent movement to which Daniel Quintero belongs:

Similarly, in the alleged conversation published by Uribe it is seen that both people talk about the way in which the information of the Cuban doctors requested by Medellín was leaked. This leak would have occurred through the publication of the letter, in which the Cuban doctors were requested, to through of networks social.

“They told me that Andrés Mesa [quien en Twitter se identifica como asesor de la Secretaría de Salud de Medellín] put it [la carta] in the status of Instagram, as if nothing. Was that guev… ”, reads the image released and later deleted by Uribe.

These were the screenshots that several Twitter users spread. There you see the trill of Uribe what then was erased:

Screenshot – Twitter

Similarly, some users of that social network they commented the happened:


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