Urine trafficking and strict food control: Malena Guinzburg recalled how it was her time at the Cormillot clinic

She was 12 years old and followed instructions to the letter, but apparently not all patients were like her.

This Wednesday, Malena Guinzburg was invited to It’s over there (America) and said that since she was a girl she had problems with being overweight: “There was a trend, but I also ate a lot”. Then he commented that throughout his life he made different eating plans and was surprised to remember a curious anecdote from the time when was admitted to the clinic of Alberto cormillot.

In dialogue with Guillermo Andino, Soledad Fandiño and Guido Zaffora, the comedian said that her first eating plan was between 6 and 8 years old and revealed that at 12 her parents admitted her to the Cormillot clinic because they wanted to take care of their health.

Regarding how her experience was, she commented that since she was very young, she followed everything to the letter: “I didn’t eat anything, we did gymnastics, it was good “. However, it did not last long because they hospitalized her for 15 days and at ten she fell ill with the flu and had to be removed.

Jorge Guinzburg’s daughter interrupted her story to do a demand”. “I don’t know if Cormillot knows this, but every morning they made you do a urinalysis to clinically check how you were doing and there was urine trafficking between the patients”He exclaimed in his usual humorous tone.

“It was a prank between you!” Andino clarified, making it clear that it was nothing against the nutritionist doctor. Malena affirmed and remarked that she was not involved: “I was a bowl ..He could have sold it if he did it perfect. But she was very young and I found out on the last day ”.

The humorist, in her childhood. (Photo: File)

Before the confusion of the panelist, the guest explained that in the clinic they had all controlled food: “If at night you hid some bread or an alfajor and you eat it, when you pee they realize that you didn’t just eat gelatin. It was like anti-doping”. Then he explained that in the hospitalization place everyone knew which patient had not complied with the food plan and They sold him the “little bottle”.

By way of closing, Andino wanted to know which one was the best for her and she stated: “One I did when I became a diet influencer. It was called the fast metabolism diet”. She explained that she found it in a book that was no longer published and that since she made it and it worked for her, the publisher sent her a gift because they had to republish it.

Even though it gave her quick results, she clarified that that kind of nutritional plan was difficult because she couldn’t eat coffee, alcohol, or fat. “I did it consciously and it was detoxifying, but for me it is unsustainable as a lifestyle,” he said. In that sense, he argued that there are no “magic diets” and that you always have to seek advice from a doctor.


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