Ursula von der Leyen’s proposals for the future of the EU

This Wednesday, September 16, during her speech on the State of the Union, the President of the European Commission unveiled her proposals for the future of the Union. Among these, the establishment of a new, more ambitious objective of reducing greenhouse gases and the abolition of the Dublin regulation on the right to asylum.

It was the first time that she was ready to exercise since taking office on December 1, 2019. This Wednesday September 16, the President of the European Commission spoke to the European Parliament as part of the annual speech on “State of the Union”. During the seventy-nine minutes of her speech, Ursula von der Leyen unveiled her plans for the future of the European Union (EU). Some have particularly caught the attention of the foreign press.

A more ambitious reduction in greenhouse gas emissions : in the words of Ursula von der Leyen, reported by the Belgian daily The evening, this is a goal “Ambitious, achievable and beneficial to Europe. The President of the Commission has proposed to raise the European target for reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 from -40% to -55% (compared to 1990 emissions). More than a goal, “It’s a systemic approach, it’s a cultural revolution”, urged Ursula von der Leyen. The


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