Uruguay vs. Ghanaian | Luis Suárez on his 2010 handball: “I don’t have to apologize, the Ghanaian player missed the penalty” | WORLD-X-SPORT

This Friday, December 2, the will be part of the definition of Group H and here is who seek to qualify for the round of 16. Between both teams, the memory of the 2010 World Cup in South Africa is maintained, where he prevented a goal from the Africans in additional time with his hand in his area and, later, Asamoah Gyan missed the penalty. Precisely, it was the striker who remembered the moment.

I shouldn’t apologize for that. The player from Ghana (Asamoah Gyan) was the one who missed the penalty after my handball. If he had made a tackle, with red, or had injured a player, perhaps he would have apologized, but not for the hand. It wasn’t my fault. It was not my responsibility to take the penalty.”plot.

Regarding his physical condition, he clarified that he is not at the pace of many players from other teams and expressed that this World Cup seems more physical to him. In addition, he is not anxious about the need to get a victory this Friday in the last game of Group H.

“Maybe I no longer have to throw it long and run 30 meters. That can be done by Darwin or Maxi. Now, I must try to play smart. This World Cup has a very high physical level. I don’t know if I’m going to start, but I have to show my face in difficult moments, which are the ones we have to live after the first two days. The Uruguayan is used to suffering. It bothers me to be in this situation because we have quality and players to not be like this, but the Uruguayan always performs in these situations “he added.

Problems in the locker room?

After the defeat against Portugal, the Uruguayan National Team could not show its best face and the players seemed to show some annoyance with the DT in statements. Given this, the Atlético de Madrid striker came forward to dispel these doubts and recounted what happens in the locker room.

“When a game ends, misinterpreted words can be said later. What Giménez said (‘we didn’t go out to win’) is what the team feels. There is no coach who says that we do not go out to win. Then, football belongs to the players. The words of Cavani or Josema were not a message for the coach. I myself said in the locker room that you had to do self-criticism and go out to win, assume the role and know that there are no excuses, perform on the pitch “he added.

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