US and UK withdraw staff from their embassies in Ukraine

Fiona Hill, former National Security Council Russia expert, and David Holmes, Political Affairs Counselor at the US Embassy in Ukraine. / Stefani Reynolds/Video: EP

They recommend leaving the country “as soon as possible” in the face of the “growing threat” from Russia


The United States has ordered this Sunday the departure from Ukraine of the families of the diplomats of its embassy in the country, in the face of the “continued threat of military action by Russia,” according to the State Department.

Through a statement, all Americans in Ukraine have been recommended to leave the country.

Non-essential personnel can leave the embassy if they wish, and US citizens residing in Ukraine “should now consider” leaving the country on commercial flights or other means of transportation, the US State Department has warned.

“The security situation, especially along the borders of Ukraine, in Russian-occupied Crimea and in Russian-controlled Donetsk, is unpredictable and could deteriorate at any time,” the statement added.

“US citizens in Ukraine should be aware that a Russian military operation anywhere in Ukraine would seriously affect the US Embassy in providing consular services, including assistance to US citizens leaving Ukraine,” the Department warned. of State.

UK withdraws embassy staff

The Government of the United Kingdom announced on Monday the beginning of the withdrawal of part of the staff of its Embassy in the Ukrainian capital, Kiev, in the face of the “growing threat” from Russia and the increase in tensions on the border in recent weeks. .

“Some Embassy staff and their families are being withdrawn from Kiev in response to the growing threat from Russia. The British Embassy remains open and will continue to carry out essential work,” the UK Foreign Office said in a travel alert.

The EU meets to prepare a firm response to threats from Russia

The alert, updated during the day on Monday, emphasizes that “it is advised against all travel to the provinces of Donetsk, Lugansk and Crimea”, as well as avoiding all “non-essential” travel to the rest of the European country.

“Security conditions, particularly along the borders with Ukraine, Russian-occupied Crimea and Russian-controlled eastern Ukraine, are unpredictable and can deteriorate with little warning. Demonstrations, which have sometimes turned into violence, take place regularly in Ukraine, including Kiev, “he stressed.

The US advises against traveling to Russia

The US government on Sunday urged US citizens not to travel to Russia due to growing threats of Russian military action.

The US State Department has advised against traveling to Russia “due to tension on the border with Ukraine.”

The US Ministry of Foreign Affairs has indicated in a statement that it “strongly recommends” avoiding trips to Russia for its citizens. Due to “the possibility of harassment of US citizens”, by the Russian Police, and “an arbitrary application of local laws”.

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