US bizarre house sale note “To accept someone in the basement” 23 million spikes | International | CTWANT

The new crown epidemic continues to spread around the world, but the real estate market in various countries is still hot. Recently, there was a “bizarre” house sale case in the United States. The owner marked in the note “to accept someone in the basement”, and the buyer has no right to go down to check, netizens think this is the case No one bought the house, but it sold for $805,000 (approximately NT$23 million).

According to “NBC” reports, the house is located in Fairfax, Virginia, USA, with a space of 98 pings and 5 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms. ) to buy this house, the owner marked in the sales notes “to accept someone in the basement”, the buyer has no right to ask about the condition of the basement, after this information was exposed, netizens speculated whether the house was haunted, or the basement lived in a murderer in the movie, No one should want to buy this house.

Surprisingly, many buyers asked for information about the house. The real estate agent, Rickert, said that after the information was posted on the Internet, there were 5 sets of cash offers, and the price was US$805,000 (about NT$2,300) in less than a week. $10,000) sold in seconds, he added, “The U.S. housing market is very hot.”

House outdoor space. (Picture/Photo by zillowgonewild IG)

Richter said that the owner of the house is an elderly hospitalized man. He asked a woman to clean the house three years ago. The woman told the owner that she wanted the basement as a living space, so she had been occupying the basement and her daughter also lived in it, but since then. Unpaid rent. The old man’s family hoped that the old man would sell the house before he died, but the old man did not make a will, and the family did not have the money to file a lawsuit to drive the woman out.

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