US clears treatment for Regeneron that cured Trump – Covid-19 tracking around the world –

The American Medicines Agency gives the green light urgently to treatment with synthetic antibodies against Covid-19 from the biotechnology company Regeneron. This treatment was used in particular to treat Donald Trump.

The coronavirus pandemic has killed more than 1,381,915 people around the world since the end of December, according to a report established by AFP at midday on Sunday. More than 58,165,460 cases of infection have been officially diagnosed since the start of the epidemic.

The United States is still the most affected country in terms of both deaths and cases, with 255,905 deaths for 12,090,469 recorded cases. Next come Brazil with 168,989 deaths and 6,052,786 cases, India with 133,227 deaths (9,095,806 cases), Mexico with 101,373 deaths (1,032,688 cases), and the United Kingdom with 54,626 deaths (1,493,383 cases).

>> Map of new contaminations over 14 days in Europe:

USA- Authorization of Regeneron processing

The American Medicines Agency gives the green light urgently to treatment with synthetic antibodies against Covid-19 from the biotechnology company Regeneron. At the beginning of October, Donald Trump had received this cocktail of “monoclonal” antibodies that he had widely praised after his recovery.

This authorization comes after the demonstration that this drug made of two antibodies manufactured in the laboratory would reduce hospitalizations and emergencies related to covid, especially in patients with secondary diseases or “comorbidities”.

Treatment is considered to be most effective during the initial phase of infection, when the antibodies still have a chance to control the invader.

The first vaccinations against the coronavirus could also take place as early as December 11 in the United States if the vaccine candidate developed by Pfizer is authorized, announced Sunday on CNN Dr. Moncef Slaoui, appointed by Donald Trump to coordinate the development of a vaccine against Covid-19.

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FRANCE – Macron says he wants to end the “uncertainty” of confinement

Emmanuel Macron wants to put an end to “uncertainty” about the health crisis by providing “clarity” and “a course”, according to comments in the President’s Journal du Dimanche. His next speech on Covid-19 is expected Tuesday evening. Deconfinement does not seem to be on the program yet.

Nearly 300 patients have died in the past 24 hours, but the number of patients in intensive care continues to decline for the 5th consecutive day, according to official statistics released on Saturday.

Government spokesman Gabriel Attal specifies that the government plans that the “easing” of confinement “will be done in three stages with regard to the health evolution and the risks associated with certain activities: first around December 1, then before the end of year holidays, then from January 2021 “.

Regarding vaccines, Gabriel Attal says that France has three contracts “signed, at least three others very advanced and others under discussion”, with “an average of 30 million doses per contract”.

>> The subject of 12:45 on the vaccination campaign which is being prepared in France and Germany:

France and Germany are preparing to launch their vaccination campaign against Covid-19. / 12.45 / 2 min. / today at 12:45

GERMANY – Nearly 16,000 additional cases

The number of confirmed cases of coronavirus contamination climbed to 918,269, 15,741 more than the day before, according to data released Sunday by the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) for infectious diseases.

The institute also reports 138 additional deaths, bringing the death toll to 14,022 since the start of the epidemic in the country.

ITALY- Preparation of an extensive vaccination plan

Italy will begin an “unprecedented vaccination campaign” in early 2021, starting with the categories of the population most exposed to Covid-19, Italian Minister of Health Roberto Speranza announced on Saturday. It will take place towards the end of January.

Italy, the first European country to be hit hard by the first wave of the coronavirus, has so far recorded at least 1.34 million cases, of which more than 48,000 have been fatal.

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Vaccinating on a large scale is also an unprecedented logistical challenge [RTS]

Vaccinating on a large scale is also an unprecedented logistical challenge / 7:30 p.m. / 2 min. / Tuesday at 7:30 p.m.

UNITED KINGDOM – End of confinement for England in December

The British government confirmed on Saturday that the four-week lockdown in England will not be extended beyond December 2, when this British province will return to a system of local restrictions to limit the second wave of the new coronavirus.

In the United Kingdom, the most bereaved country in Europe with more than 54,600 deaths due to the new coronavirus, each British province decides on its own strategy in the face of the health crisis.

This announcement of deconfinement in England comes the day after tightening restrictions in 11 areas of Scotland and the announcement of new confinement in Northern Ireland, which will last two weeks, until December 11.

Support to the health system

In addition, additional funding of 3 billion pounds (3.6 billion francs) will be released to help the public health service (NHS) overcome the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic.

A third of the sum will be used to absorb delays in examinations and operations unrelated to the virus. The number of people waiting for treatment for more than a year rose from 1,500 in February to 140,000 in September.

RUSSIA – Very slight decrease in contamination

Russia recorded 24,581 additional cases of contamination on Sunday, a very slight decrease compared to the record increase observed the day before (+ 24,822).

At the same time, the virus killed 401 more people, compared to 467 the day before. In total, the virus has infected some 2,089,329 Russians and caused 36,179 deaths since the start of the health crisis.

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