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A report from National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) of the United States Department of Energy indicates that, if approved in Mexico, the reform to Electricity Industry Law proposed by the president Andrés Manuel López Obrador, would increase carbon emissions up in 65%, while the electricity generation costs would increase up to 54%.

The data from the NREL report was released by Bloomberg –Who had access to a draft of the document– in an article entitled AMLO’s Mexico Power Bill Would Raise Carbon Emissions: US Agency NREL (AMLO’s energy bill in Mexico would increase carbon emissions: US Agency NREL).

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The NREL indicates that awarding 54% of the electricity generation market at the Federal Electricity Commission (CFE) it would cause carbon emissions to rise between 26% and 65%, and electricity generation costs between 32% and 54%. In addition, he warned that power outages (blackouts) would also increase between 8% and 35%.

“The proposed reform would cancel the existing electricity generation permits and give priority to the old hydroelectric plants of the CFE, followed by its nuclear and gas plants, which also burn fossil fuels. Private sector power would rank lower on the list, with wind and solar renewable projects near the bottom, outperforming only gas and coal generation from non-state providers, ”he notes. Bloomberg.

The NREL study also considers that the reforms would jeopardize the commitments signed by Mexico at Paris Agreement about him climate change, in line with what has already been stated by the groups in the renewable energy sector, the Mexican Wind Energy Association (AMDEE) and the Mexican Solar Energy Association (ASOLMEX).

Yesterday Wednesday, in an appearance in the Chamber of Deputies marked by reproaches and confrontations, the director general of the CFE, Manuel Bartlett, announced that, if the electrical reform of the president Lopez Obrador, the electricity rate will be unique at the national level. In addition, he ruled out expropriations and “cataclysm of lawsuits and lawsuits” by private parties.

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Bartlett has focused on reviling the 2013 energy reform, for promoting the “robbery of the nation.” For this reason, he has defended the electrical reform proposed by Lopez Obrador.

“One of the measures we will take is to establish a single rate in the country. Right now we are under the rules of the Energy regulatory commission and we have multiple rates that create a problem in different states. That is an obstacle to the development of the country. We see that companies are looking for the low rate and to settle where the low rate is, ”he said.

Bartlett stated that the Electricity Industry Law approved this year by Congress has provoked a legal war promoted by law firms, law firms and lobbyists of private interests that have surrounded the government. He also accused the Federal Economic Competition Commission of joining the smear campaign against the CFE.

“The reaction of the vested interests was such that it returned to the Federal Executive in a true legal war. There are 1,777 amparos registered, five constitutional controversies against nine provisions of the Sener, Cenace and the CRE, ”he explained.

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