US election: Biden also brings Michigan, according to CNN and NBC

Dhe contested states of Michigan and Wisconsin go to Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden. After counting almost all of the votes, CNN and NBC announce that the 77-year-old has received a majority of votes in these states. Biden wins a total of 26 voters on his way to 270.

All day long, the US and the rest of the world waited for the results from these and six other states that are still missing from the vote count. The result is still close. Biden is in the lead in two crucial states, and Donald Trump in four others.

If Biden brings his leadership in Arizona and Nevada over the finish line, he would get 270 electoral votes – the minimum for the presidency. It would be the scenario in which Biden could forego a victory in the embattled state of Pennsylvania. Trump is currently well ahead there.

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This is the current status in the race for the US presidency:

Wisconsin (10 voters): The Swing State lives up to its name and is switching from Republicans to Democrats. Almost 24 hours after polling stations closed, CNN dared to predict: Biden will win. 99 percent of the votes are counted. Most recently, Biden overtook Donald Trump (48.8 percent) with 49.4 percent of the vote – the lead of 20,510 votes is still small. The reason for the turnaround were new numbers from the Democratic bastion of Milwaukee. Here the results of the region’s 170,000 postal votes could only be announced when they had all been counted – the vast majority of them went to Biden.

Michigan (16 voters): After counting 97 percent of the votes, CNN and NBC announced Biden’s victory in Michigan and thus another change from red to blue. The Democrat is now ahead of Trump (48.6 percent) with 49.8 percent of the vote. Most recently, Biden increased his lead from around 9,900 to 61,200 votes. Fox, which is actually considered to be Trump’s house broadcaster, also sees Biden up front.

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Arizona (11 electors) could be the decisive state Trump is losing. Fox News was the first broadcaster to declare Biden’s election victory, and other US media followed suit. 86 percent of the votes are now counted, Biden leads with 51.0 percent of the votes, Trump stands at 47.6 percent.

CNN reported on its live broadcast that Trump was said to have been very upset about Fox News’ announcement. Fox News explained its decision by saying that most of the outstanding votes would come from absentee ballots and from a constituency where Biden is favored. Therefore, it is virtually impossible for Trump to catch up. In his speech in the White House, the US President was clearly angry about the loss, but concluded with the words: “We don’t need Arizona”.

In Nevada (6 electors), where Trump (48.7 percent) was initially ahead, has now caught up with Biden (49.3 percent) – the difference is only made by 7647 votes. 86 percent of the votes are counted. However, the state accepts postal votes that were given up on election day – a final result could therefore take another week. The state election office announced Twitternot to announce further results until Thursday at 9 a.m. local time (6 p.m. CET). Nevada went to Hillary Clinton in 2016. Biden will have to win Nevada again alongside Arizona to avoid being dependent on Pennsylvania.

Where the signs are good for Trump

Pennsylvania (20 electors): After counting 81 percent of the votes, Trump is still clearly ahead with 53.1 percent of the votes (Biden 45.6). Pennsylvania could be one of the last states whose results will be known – official results were not expected until Thursday night. In particular, the counting of the postal votes, a higher percentage of which are likely to have voted democratically, was also delayed. Postal votes can be counted up to three days after election day if they are postmarked on November 3rd. In 2016, Trump won and got the many electors of the state with a lead of only 0.7 percentage points.

The choice in Georgia (16 electors), where 93 percent of the votes have already been counted, but Trump is currently only a wafer-thin ahead of Biden (48.5 percent) with 50.2 percent. Not much is changing here at the moment, the district of Fulton County, which also includes the city of Atlanta, has announced a counting break until 2 p.m. CET. However, two districts in which many Biden supporters live have to be counted.

Also North Carolina (15 electors) has not yet been decided, contrary to what Trump claims. Although 95 percent of the votes have already been counted, Trump is currently only slightly ahead of Biden (48.6) with 50.1 percent. When Trump speaks of a “great victory” in the state in his speech to supporters in the White House, the applause is correspondingly meager. In 2016, Georgia and North Carolina went to Trump.

In addition, the voices in Alaska (3 voters) still counted. They are considered safe for Trump.

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Election night initially seemed to go like 2016: polls initially gave the Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden hope of a clear victory. Then, however, the map of Donald Trump’s victories in the states turned more and more red. But now it looks like Biden could win on the finish line.

Texas, Florida, Ohio – the big US states that secure many electoral votes for a candidate and that the Democrats had hoped for in advance went back to the Republican Trump. Accordingly, the US president has already been elected winner. He justified this with intermediate results in the contested states, in which the counts were still in progress.

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