US election: breakdown in Georgia! Thousands of votes are only now emerging – Trump wants to sue for the presidency

US President Donald Trump unwaveringly continues the wave of lawsuits against the result of the US election. Now a bitter breakdown in Georgia has been exposed.

  • US-Präsident Donald Trump* fails with most of the lawsuits against the result of the 2020 US election *.
  • Although a defeat in Pennsylvania particularly hearty, wants to be more personal Lawyer Rudy Giuliani keep fighting for Trump.
  • Meanwhile, with everyone Defeat in court the amount of his Republican supporters smaller.

Update from November 17th, 5:15 p.m .: More and more Republicans are turning away from the outgoing US president Donald Trump from. In the Washington Post it is said that leading Republicans recently described Trump in a telephone conference as a “political burden” and victory Joe Bidens previously considered likely. The president’s refusal to admit defeat to the 46th US president is offsetting Republican Party in turmoil.

An anonymous source quoted Senator David Perduewho is in the running for a Senate seat in Georgia in the runoff against the Democrats Jon Ossoff goes like this: Hold on Perdue to Trump, however: “We assume that we will stand here alone. And that means that we have to vote no matter what the outcome of that decision in two states and some lawsuits and others emerges from the recount. Kelly and I can’t wait. “The Republican Senator Kelly Loeffler is also up for re-election to the Senate Georgias.

Furthermore, said according to the Washington Post David Perdue: “I’m talking about people who might have voted for Biden but might come back now and vote for us because it’s in Georgia there was an anti-Trump vote, ”said Perdue. “And we believe that some of these people, especially in the suburbs, could come back to us. And I hope so. ”Perdue acts like other loyal ones in the past Trump supporters in the Republican Party. He is behind Trump, but is also aware that Donald Trumps Presidency expires. Should David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler lose their seats on January 5th, the would also be able to block republican im congress past.

US election 2006: Breakdown in Georgia – More than 2,600 votes are only now emerging

Update from November 17th, 12.30 p.m .: More than 2,600 electoral votes were received in the state Georgia overlooked. The newspaper The Hill reports that these have now appeared in the vote recount – in Floyd County. A mishap that, according to the head of the electoral system, was due to a human error. The Hill writesthat Donald Trump apparently can count on 800 more votes. This fact cannot change the election result itself, as Joe Biden leads Georgia with almost 13,000 votes. Luke Martin, the party leader of the republican in the constituency concerned said it “doesn’t seem like this is a widespread problem.”

First report from November 16, 6 p.m .: Pennsylvania – That the incumbent President Donald Trump * continues to refuse his Election defeat admitting holds the USA in breath. With an immensely expensive one Wave of lawsuits and the demand for Recounts Trump wants his victory democratic challenger – and meanwhile “President-Elect” – Joe Biden* in some states still avert it, although experts attest it has only a negligible chance of success.

Last week had a court Trump to a small one success helped and some absentee votes in Pennsylvania declared invalid. Otherwise they stay Repubikaner and their attorneys to date largely unsuccessful.

US President Trump: Will a wave of lawsuits lead him to re-election? in eight out of 16 cases there were defeats

Out of a total of 16 Complaints writes the New York Times: Half of it has already been rejected, so they flashed Conservatives about in Michigan with a lawsuit and with an appeal in Pennsylvania from. The air for them republican is now apparently getting thinner in court, so in two cases Trumps Lawyers withdrew their lawsuits due to a lack of prospect of success. This was about in Arizona the case. Five cases are still being negotiated, one in Michigan, two in Pennsylvania, one in Nevada and one Wisconsin. Do you believe that? New York Times, hat Trump but no good cards here either.

Among other things, the familiar Law office Porter Wright Morris & Arthur announced that they are no longer with Trump Will cooperate in matters of election fraud campaign – but no official reason was given. Shortly afterwards, the largest law firm also declared the USA, Jones Day, working with Trump for ended. While Trump with every defeat in court, potentially also within the republican party Could lose support, stands with Rudy Giuliani a prominent ally but still at his side.

US election on video: Trump holds on to allegations of election fraud

But also Giuliani, closest adviser and personal lawyer to the incumbent, but voted out president, reportedly suffered severe defeat: In Pennsylvania, a legal team was loud Washington Post one Main complaint back. It is about the claim that it is on Election day November 3rd no Republican election observers were admitted. This allegation turned out to be unfounded, so that Trump’s lawyers backed down in court.

Trump himself had repeatedly relied on this accusation and especially on it Twitter propagated – so the news should have hit him pretty much. But who now thinks Trump go in Pennsylvania no further legal action on the barricades is obviously wrong. Trump’s campaign spokesperson Tim Murtaugh announced at least on Monday Twitterthat you’re still against 682,479 postal votes who will complain in the “Swing State” Pennsylvania allegedly – so the charge of republican – were counted “in secret”. Claimed on Friday Murtaugh polemical that the “left mob” had taken action against the lawyers who withdrew the lawsuits until they collapsed under the pressure.

Who will be US President? Trump’s team is making new allegations in Pennsylvania

According to a report from the agency AP supports the “Restructured” lawsuit from Trump’s team However, not on this accusation, but on the thesis in some – predominantly democratic – counties, voters were given the opportunity because of a formal error invalid ballot papers to improve. That did not happen in counties with a predominantly republican tradition. Here one sees unequal treatment.

Joe Bidens Team is surprisingly calm despite Trump’s efforts and publicly classifies the lawsuits as pure „Theater“ one. Trump however, still speaks of the fact that the election will ultimately be from Supreme Court in Washington could be decided. Six of the nine judges are now considered conservative * Trump three of them self-appointed. Legal experts think so – mainly because of it Bidens comparatively large lead in many states – impossible that the US Supreme Court the Election result due to the individual lawsuits.

That Trump still refuses to acknowledge his defeat, makes for Biden But the handover – for the “transition” is actually provided for by law to support the incumbent – extremely difficult. Because the Republicans Biden’s election victory continue to publicly pose as unsafe, wins Trump Time to plan any next legal steps.

Until December 8th states certify their Election results and report them to Washington. At the December 14th then agree 538 electors and elect the new president and his deputy. At the 6th January the result will be announced in Congress and on January 20th the new president is solemnly sworn in. (cos) * is part of the Ippen-Digital network.

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