US election: Joe Biden remains the winner in Georgia – recount proves machines right – politics

Bad news for Donald Trump (74): The machines were right!

The election result in Georgia contested by the incumbent US president is still valid after a manual recount. The newly elected President Joe Biden (78) remains the winner in Georgia.

On Thursday (local time) the website of the election supervisor Brad Raffensperger said “that the original machine vote count correctly reproduced the winner of the election”. Biden’s lead over Trump is therefore 12 284 votes.

Before the manual review of around five million ballot papers began, Biden was ahead with around 14,000 votes. The decline is not surprising: a few days ago it was discovered that electoral commissions in two Republican-ruled districts had forgotten to include several thousand counted votes in the bill.

Raffensperger stressed on local television that no evidence of election fraud had been found. However, Trump can still request a recount because the gap between the candidates is less than 0.5 percentage points.


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